Friday, December 28, 2012

Four Eyes



All my life, I have been the girl blessed with excellent vision,
yet always wishing that my eyes would become poor so I could wear the latest trend of glasses.
I can recall being in the 3rd grade and a friend of mine wore a pair of fake glasses to school.
So I thought to myself,
"Aha! I don't actually have to have bad eyes to wear glasses."
The next time I went to Claire's I picked up a pair of fake glasses.
The catch?
My mom wouldn't allow me to ever wear them to my elementary school.
I think the first time I actually ended up wearing them was for my role in a high school play.
They were never quite the right shape for my face,
but I still enjoyed wearing them for the occassion.
As the years passed, I started to give up on my dream of sporting cute glasses.
All of the affordable fake glasses didn't look quite right on my face and the expensive ones
seemed silly for a girl who has no pressing need for them.
However, not long ago, Firmoo contacted me with the opportunity to test out a pair of glasses...
for free!
That's right, you heard me correctly.
When I started this blog back in July,
I never imagined that I would encounter so many amazing opportunities,
including fullfilling my dreams of owning cute glasses.
Being the typical college student,
I wouldn't think of passing up a deal with the word "free" involved.
I couldn't wait to pick out my pair of glasses.
Recently, I have noticed many friends and bloggers wearing thicker frames--
which I love!
The look appears both smart and sophisticated which is something I desire in my area of study.
Firmoo was so great to work with.
As soon as I agreed to try a pair of glasses, I was given very helpful step-by-step instructions
on how to obtain my pair of glasses.
Firmoo is an online retailer that offers hundreds of glasses for affordable prices.
Even if you don't need prescription glasses (like myself),
you can choose any frame and select the non-prescription option.
I went to the website,, and selected this pair.
I couldn't believe how quickly they arrived in my mailbox--
that was even in the midst of the hectic holiday mailing season.
I was beyond impressed with how promptly I received them.
I had no idea I would also be receiving a case to store them in.
With my purse being as messy and heaping as it is,
the case was perfect for protecting my new glasses.
Though you can't tell by the pictures I posted,
the pair I selected has this incredible blue detailing on the sides.

In all honesty, I had a difficult time deciding on which pair of glasses to try.
There were so many great choices.
I loved the capability of being able to see the glasses on a photo of myself or a model,
with the Virtual Try-On System.
Since you can't actually try the glasses on in person,
this tool helped me determine what would look best for my oval face shape.
I browsed many of the choices and was very impressed with not only the selection available,
but also the prices.
I've always heard people complain about the cost involved with purchasing
new frames, but Firmoo had a wide variety with very affordable prices.

As if that is not enough reason to check out Firmoo,
I also discovered the First Pair Free program.
 New customers are able to pick out their first pair of glasses for free
and only pay the cost of shipping.
You can find out more about the program here.
While I am not familiar with many other glasses companies,
I have never heard of any other brand with this generous feature.

Both of my parents have started wearing glasses as they have gotten older.
If I inherit as many traits from them as I already have,
I imagine I will need prescription glasses in the future..
You can bet that Firmoo will be my first stop when selecting a pair of glasses.
It looks like my jealousy of people with cute glasses are in the past--
Thanks to Firmoo!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Birthdays on Birthdays on Birthdays

Round 1:
Birthday with friends on the night of my 21st Birthday
Love these ladies!
We are just missing our fourth roomie--another Amanda!

Tasha is educating me before we head out
All of the girls

The friends that dealt with me at the Coldplay concert and during a semester of Physiology

My first drink!!
So appropriate for my winter birthday!
Round 2:
Birthday Brunch with family
Mini pancake stacks

Giving the whipped topping my approval
My mom doesn't mess around when it comes to entertaining for her princess ;)

No boyfriends!
Birthdays not only confirm that I am no spring chicken,
but also that I have a lot of loving friends and family in my life to be thankful for.

Thank you to all who helped celebrate my special day with me!

Speaking of birthdays,
I should probably start getting ready for another birthday celebration tonight.
This time it is the 21st birthday of a friend of mine.
I hope her day is just as special is mine was.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

In case you hadn't realized,
it is the most wonderful time of the year.
And no, I'm not just talking about my recent birthday.
(Speaking of which, there is only one day left to enter my giveaway.
Get your booty on over and sign-up!)
I'm starting to lose track of the number of Christmas celebrations 
that I have had this year.
The fun isn't over yet!
I will be getting together with family again next weekend
for my grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary.
My, the years fly!
I better find a man soon if I ever want to see the likes of 60 years of marriage...
or at least a cute dog to spend about 10 years with.
Either will suffice, really.
Since words seem insignificant to describe the festivities from the past week,
I thought my surplus of pictures may do the trick instead.

The most unfriendly Santa and Elf that I have met in all my years...tsk tsk

My Grandpa feeds about 4 stray cats--
what a guy!
I named this little rascal, Nugget!
He was hanging in the rafters of my grandparents' garage

I do believe in Santa, I do!


I can't wait to see all of the Christmas posts on blogs.
While I am back in my college home, 
looking through all of my pictures from the holiday maintains the warmth 
in my heart--
And thank goodness,
because my heating bill sure went up last month!