Thursday, July 19, 2012

Carry yourself in a {Confident} Fashion

Photo I snapped at Falls Park-
Sioux Falls, SD

Ohh Coco Chanel.
How I love her and loathe her,
both at the same time.
Love her, because her handbags are amazing.
Loathe her, because I can't afford one...ever.

Whether I can afford a Chanel handbag or not,
I love this quote by the legend herself.
I really do believe that fashion and style are more than
just designer jeans and handbags.
Fashion is how you carry yourself.
Fashion is shown in your confidence.

Since I had another morning off, I decided
to mix and match some old clothes
that have been hanging in my closet.
You heard me right. I wore something other than
scrubs or workout clothes today...
well until I head to work at 4pm...
I also came to the conclusion that today
would be a great day to experiment with my camera.
Yeah. I can't afford a new one of those either.
So I am making the most of the one I have.

Dress {Forever 21}
Light cardigan {Love Culture}

Then I decided to try out my blur setting....
So I spun around a little.

Bracelet {gift made by my friend, Denielle's mom}
Shoes {Toms}
My favorite shoes--second,
to my running shoes, of course.

Headband {Forever 21}
Hope your Thursday was as Thrilling as mine...
I'm being sarcastic.
But really.
Have a fabulous Thursday! :)


  1. I love the casual look! Nice dress!


    1. Thanks Lau! I love casual AND affordable for the summer!

      Happy weekend, girl!

  2. I have that dress that you're wearing :)
    I haven't worn it in SO long...maybe I should bust it out!

    Happy weekend, girl!

    1. Awesome! I swear I would live at Forever 21 if I could. This is such an easy dress to mix-and-match with too!

      Have a great weekend :)


I love your kind words :)