Wednesday, July 18, 2012

"...I will give you Rest..."

Photo from my Denver Mission Trip 2012

Aaaamen for days off from work, 
leisure reading, 
and all things rest
Just, Amen.

After working several early mornings and rushing off to a
 Bachelorette Party, and back to work again--
my day of rest was much needed.
I had planned on meeting my friend,
Kjersten (don't you just love the spelling?!?)
for coffee and a bike ride at 8:30am.
However, rain interfered with our plans.
We need  rain, so I really can't complain.
Since I was already up, I took advantage of the cooler weather
and went for my usual 4-mile run. 

After that, I arrived back home to this
 precious thing waiting in the foyer.

My yellow lab, Maggie
She is the definition of "relaxation."
I decided to model her behavior,
 by doing the following all morning long.

Okay, so it didn't take me all morning to eat oatmeal
but I did enjoy coffee and nail time.
I may have made 3 trips to the coffee machine this morning.
But really. Coffee from a Disneyland mug?!
Does it get much better than this?
Well actually, coffee always tests the best from my Audrey Hepburn mugs.
But that is for days where I am feeling more accomplished and sophisticated.
Today I was feeling lazy and childish.
Yes. A Disneyland mug was appropriate.

Maggie really is the master of relaxation. 
I think I was throwing off her zen nature 
with my flashing camera in her face.
Even my good friend, Jillian Michaels advocates a day of rest.

"I really, really think you need one day off –
your body needs to rest and you need that recovery time."
-Jillian Michaels
Okay, Okay. So maybe we're not good friends...yet.

As for the rest of my day, I did eventually shower 
and put some real clothes on.
Part of my afternoon was spent with my 
personal trainer doing Fitness Assessments.
I knew I loved my new gym membership,
but how awesome is it that I also receive
a fitness assessment and personal training session with Cindy?!
Words cannot describe how excited this makes me!

Well, you can all exhale a big sigh of relief. 
It turns out I'm not in poor shape.
In fact, I may just be in good shape.
Can I get another Amen, sista?!?

Finally, to end my day, I caught up on 
some church sermons,
while washing the supper dishes.
As I've mentioned, I often miss church due to work obligations.
But how lucky am I that my church has the audio/video on its webpage?
I really am a blessed girl.

And let me tell you...
I needed that sermon to help get me centered again.
When I work too many early mornings in a row, 
I am one pessimistic, crabby little lady.
Just ask my family.

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