Friday, July 13, 2012

Paws-itively Maggie

I have some surprising news for you all. Today, I have no awkward, embarrassing, or funny stories to share with you. Can you believe it? I went through my day without looking like a fool. Well...I take that back. There were several times at the nursing home where I looked came across as ditzy, but nothing out of the ordinary. And the strange thing is that it is Friday the 13th. You'd think I would have fallen off that bike of mine and skinned an elbow...or had my tire run-over by an elderly woman on Main Street. Wait, that has definitely happened to me before and I certainly didn't need Friday the 13th to give me bad luck. Before I jinx myself, I am passing my blog onto my pup, Maggie. She has been just dying to get on here. She told me herself. Or maybe she was just trying to tell me she needed to go potty. Same thing. Take it away, Maggers! She has a little favor to ask you, and she means business. So I suggest you listen up like Good Girls!
Pooh is my favorite friend
Hello Faith Love Strength-ians aka people that read this blog. I am very excited to be here tonight. But I also get frisky when I'm given an empty yogurt cup to lick I guess it doesn't take much to get me goin'. I must admit, I'm new to this computer business. Do you know how hard it is to type with paws? So if I make a lot of spelling errows, you know qhy. I'm too lazy to use the vackspace.

You see that dog in the picrure in the upper right corner? That's me! Or in the logo for the page on the top? That's me too! Don't tell Amanda I said this, but I make the picturse. She's kind of just a prop for my modeling career.
I love fetching--I'm pretty fierce too. I told you I'm an excellent model.

My family fiwst adopted me back in 2006. It was probavly the best decision they ever made. didn't know I was adopted?!? I thought the gold hair gave that away. Siljy me.

 Just look at how small and gangly I was.

Little did they know, I would soon be tall, big (I prefer the term husky), and gangly...Kind of like Amanda. Some say we look akike.

 Well, the rest is histowy.

My favorite person in the whole world is Amanda, when it's not hunting season. (Okay, maybe I'm just saying that because I want her to take my for a walk later.) But I do like her when we play fetch and walk. Ohh the stories I could tell you about her. I know more about her than anyone else--she tells me all kinds of secrets on our walks. But I'm a good doggie and I won't share them here...unless she forgets to take me for a walk.

I'm the date to all her
homecoming dances
I know that Amanda loves me very much, even if she gets a bit grouchy with me. Am I not allowed to sniff every rock on our walks? I do my best to help her in return. The best thing about me, is that I'm always there for you. Most say I get a little too close with my snout, but really, it's how I show endearment. I've been with Amanda through tearful heartbreaks to excitement about coming home from college for the first time. I'm the best counselor she could ask for. I just sit and pretend to know what's going on. Usually I don't know what she's talking about.

But enough about how great I am, I'd like you to do me a favor. Pwetty pleeeease!

I knew you couldn't resist that face.

Follow Amanda on this blog. Even if this is your first time looking at it, or if you have been here for each post. It's easy. Just look on the left side of the page under followers and hit the button that says "join this site." You may need to create a google account, but trust me it will make Amanda's day. I would have been the first follower but I think google may have a rule about pets having email addresses. Or if you don't want to follow her, leave a comment on her page or share it with a friend. She would love to hear from you beautiful/handsome faces as much as I would like to lick them.

Well, it is past my bedtime. I am off to beg for a treat and sniff around the backyard one last time before setteling in for the night.

Thanks for stopping by after a Ruff day.

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