Friday, July 13, 2012

You've Got to Stand for Something...

Today I am off to my first ever Bachelorette Party. Don't worry. There are no male strippers involved. In fact, we ladies are having a spa day at the lake. I have some interesting presents for the lovely bride-to-be and I will be happy to share my experience with you when I am back here tomorrow.

As for today, I am using leftovers. Which means, I am stealing a post that I wrote on my Tumblr account before I transferred to Blogspot. Sorry, Tumblr. You and I both know it was for the best.
This was one of my favorite posts and actually has a message to it other than "Amanda is a dork." I know I may talk about a lot of superficial and pointless things, but faith is number one in my life and this post is a good reminder to us all to stand for what we believe in. See you tomorrow, loves!

You've Got to Stand for Something...

…or You’ll Fall. For. Anything!”
Whether you attribute the origin of this popular saying to Alexander Hamilton, or as I prefer, to the Irish rock band, The Script— you have to admit there is so much truth to the phrase. Heaven knows I have fallen captive to “falling for anything” countless times throughout my life. Whether I fell for my brother telling me that I gave him lead poisoning from our wall paint when I was younger, or the number of times I fell for mind games in my last relationship—naivety is not one of my finer traits.

The pattern seems to go: We hold a strong belief, but when put to the test, we crumble under the power of someone more intimidating than ourselves. How I wish so many times lately that these familiar words would have resonated with me during this past year of college. It’s almost one of those “I told you so” situations. I would hear the verse,
“Please don’t be so na├»ve, don’t wait ‘til your heart bleeds/
Love wasn’t built for speed, listen to me girl.”
But of course, like most girls my age, I waited until my heart bled and most certainly didn’t listen to you, boy!
As if it’s not enough to experience your first true heartbreak, we as Christians feel guilty—I mean really, really guilty! Months after my break-up I would lie awake for hours thinking about the situation. Soon this woulda coulda shoulda attitude consumed my life.
I would have done things differently if only I had known how things would pan out…I could have left sooner…I should have listened to the advice of those who know me better than I know myself.
The other day I noticed a post on Pinterest ( that bothered me for days after I read it. The pin stated: “Your God-fearing Facebook updates do not cause me to forget the godless whore you were in high school.” Just think about what this statement is inferring. To me, the statement does not allow for people to change without constant reminders of their past. So just sit back and reminisce on the person you were in, say, middle school or high school. Okay, now think about the person you are now and the person you want to be. Are they the same people?
You see, the beauty of God’s grace is that we can change. God does not expect us to be perfect, but he grants us forgiveness for our sins and guides us in the right direction. He gives us plenty of opportunities to become the best versions of ourselves.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could make this journey without the skepticism and reminders from our peers?

Ladies and gentlemen, I encourage you all to have a little empathy towards those around you. Allow and encourage people on their faith journeys. Remind yourselves, that until you are in that person’s shoes, you cannot truly evaluate their situation. You may call yourself a good Christian, but I challenge you to be a better Christian.

Finally, if you have ever been naive like myself, learn from those mistakes, forgive yourself, and move on—-right now!!! (Yes, that is an order!) Do not dwell on your past, start fresh and BE that person you strive to be.
And finally, stand for what you believe in—whether you stand for children with special needs or for your belief in Santa Claus—Stand strong…Stand proudly!

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  1. Amanda-

    Love this post! Keep on writing and sharing as you grow. Life - and faith - is a journey!

    Safe travels!
    Love, Aunt Carol


I love your kind words :)