Monday, August 13, 2012

A Weight-y Situation

If you are like me, you wake up each morning,
strip down and weigh yourself.
I hate standing there each morning-
-holding my breath as it flashes--
until the number appears.
After seeing the number, whether it be good or bad, I base my ENTIRE day off of that one number.
If I am not satisfied with the number, my mind may become frantic.
Where did I go wrong?
What did I eat that made the number go up?
I really should have run an extra mile.

Or my mind may become discouraged.
Oh it's no use.
I'm never going to be a size 2, so why bother?

Those few moments on the scale remind me of the Olympics in an odd way.
Gymnasts train their whole life for an opportunity such as the Olympics.
It doesn't matter how impressive their entire season has been, when it comes to the Olympics, it all comes down to that last performance-
-that last score--
a number.

Have you noticed how society is obsessed with numbers?
That man is a purrrr-fect 10!
That girl looks like she is at least a size 18.
I can't believe I missed an A in Organic Chemistry by 1%!!

You get the idea.
Don't get me wrong, numbers can be great.
They allow us to track our progress in many instances
and can even be positive motivators.
But when it comes to the scale, I never seem to win.
It doesn't matter that every time I step on it I am in the healthy range,
I, like most girls, am never satisfied.
But here's the deal,
I probably never will be satisfied.
The scale does not measure how much muscle I have accumulated.
It does not measure the number of miles I ran the night before.
It does not measure the strength I have gained from circuit-training.
And it certainly should not measure my self-worth.

Therefore, as a personal goal this week,
I vow not to weigh myself.
Not even once.
I know I probably ate poorly while I was in the Twin Cities
this past weekend,
but I don't need a number on a scale to tell me that.
This is probably the same for you.
If you are struggling with weight-loss,
chances are that you know this already.
Don't allow the scale to discourage you.
So this week,
I hope you will step away from the scale with me.
This doesn't give you an excuse to slack on your exercise plan and
healthy eating.
Rather, it gives you an opportunity to focus on yourself without the
scale being the deciding factor of how you are coming along.
Try new meals
{tonight, I made an omelet with black beans, navy beans, and homemade salsa}
Switch-up your exercise routine
{today I hopped on the elliptical instead of running}
and most importantly, enjoy the end of summer
{I walked my pup tonight}.

Who's with me on this challenge?
I'd love to hear from you in the comments section.


  1. I love this:) I almost never weigh myself anymore because I'm trying to stay positive!

    1. Good for you! :) You don't even need a weekly challenge!

  2. Ugh, so me and my relationship with the scale as well. Damn those numbers taking control!!!!

    1. I hate it!! But I must say, my break from the scale has made me so free thus far! I hate feeling like a slave to those numbers.


I love your kind words :)