Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Amanda's Mom has got it goin' on

Remember that Fountain of Wayne's song,
"Stacy's Mom?"
If you can't recall this song from 2003,
I would be very, very surprised.
It's kind of like one of those "Call Me Maybe" songs...
impossible to get out of your head.
Allow me to refresh you on some of the lyrics.
Stacy's mom has got it goin' on
She's all I want and I've waited for so long
Stacy, can't you see you're just not the girl for me
I know it might be wrong but I'm in love with Stacy's mom
Pretty deep lyrics, ehh?
Well eat your heart out, Stacy's mom.
My mom could give her mom a run for her money.
{wow...this post just got a tad bit weird, if I do say so myself}

Yesterday marked the first day of school for my hometown school district.
Since my mom is a fourth grade teacher, she was off for her first day yesterday.
I couldn't let her sneak off without a first day of school picture first.

Wouldn't you love walking into your fourth grade class to that smiling face?
My mom, by the way, would probably be killing me right now if she were reading
my first-day post.
Her comment, as I was snapping various pictures yesterday, was
"I thought you wrote a health and nutrition blog, not some  fashion blog."
Nahh. I can write about whatever I chose.
And lucky for me,
my mom is always at least 2-weeks behind on reading my blog.
So by the time she reads this post,
I will be long gone at college.
I am a tricky young lady.

Happy back-to-school everyone!

Sharpen those pencils and
get down to business.

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  1. You really do have an amazing mom! Those fourth graders are some lucky kids - and so are you! : )


I love your kind words :)