Monday, August 6, 2012

God Grant me the {serenity}...

Ohh how the Serenity prayer was needed today...

 After spending my weekend, lounging on the beach and boating in Iowa
with two of my three lovely roommates,
I can hardly begin to explain how difficult it was to return to work at 6:30am.
In fact, I woke up at 11:30am on Saturday morning,
which made my blaring alarm at 5:30am on a Monday morning
just that much more dreadful.
My coffee was extra strong today,
let me tell you.

My day started off like any other Monday morning.
Remember, my special co-worker, Dorothy*, from this post?
Well she was definitely present at work today.
If you couldn't hear her across the facility,
then I may be questioning your hearing abilities.
{I have a pretty good feeling that Dorothy may have forgotten
to take her medication within the past couple of days.}

While I really do admire her enthusiasm and love for work,
but when she starts talking to herself, back-and-forth, in different voices,
that's about where my patience draws the line.

That's also about the point where I had to repeatedly say the
Serenity Prayer to myself in that humid dishroom.
"God grant me the serenity...
God grant me the serenity...
God grant me the serenity.."

The power of prayer was pretty apparent today.
I think my patience would have slipped-up a bit
if I hadn't taken these deep breaths.

As I was thinking about the serenity prayer,
I was reminded of how I should incorporate this into other aspects of my life.
As a perfectionist, I struggle with things out of my control.
When things don't go as planned,
I am not always the happiest of souls.
Sometimes I could really use a bit of serenity
to realize what is and is not in my range of control.

On a lighter note,
I think I may also need a little serenity on Friday night as well.
I may just have myself a panic attack as I see Chris Martin make his first appearance on stage.




  1. Aw, sorry today was a tough one :( You're going to DIE when you see Coldplay...I saw them back in 2009 and Chris Martin ran to the back of the crowd to play a few songs in the nosebleed section, and I was literally 10 feet from him...gahhhh

    1. 10 feet from Chris Martin?!?! Oh. My. GOSH!!!! I think I'm going to pass out!!

  2. it is always so tough that monday morning when the alarm clock blares, ahh that sounds is an awful thing to be woken up too.

    1. It truly is. But I don't think I would ever wake up to anything more pleasant sounding, unfortunately.


I love your kind words :)