Thursday, August 9, 2012

Idiots Out Walking Around

As my mind is daydreaming about the Coldplay concert,
{less than 24-hours!!!!!}
I decided today would be a great day to recap of my weekend in Iowa with some pictures.
{It doesn't take much focus to post pictures, and I really am lacking in the focus department lately}
And if you are questioning the title of the post,
it is an acronym for Iowa.
Don't worry.
I don't really think idiots are out walking around in Iowa,
{unless we count when I was walking around last weekend}
it was just the first title that popped into my head.
Like I said, my head is not all here.
Four-person bike at Storm Lake
Our true feelings about this invention--
it had more resistance than you would expect!
We were starving after our biking adventure
Saturday was spent on the boat
Ready to go!
Alyssa was such a good tubing buddy--
I fell off a million times and she always came down with me
Sunday we went mini-golfing...
I got a hole-in-one!!
The Pirates got us!
Amanda, me, and Alyssa at Okoboji
My awesome roomies--
we are just missing our fourth roommate, Tasha
My salmon salad.
Our final meal of the trip
Very Berry Hibiscus accompanied me on my drive back home...
Have you tried the new refreshers at Starbucks?!?
To. Die. For.

You thought this was picture overload...
just wait until after my Coldplay concert ;)


  1. Aw it looks like you had so much fun! That bike looks absolutely hilarious! I've been dying to go boating this summer but never got the chance :( Looks like you had great weather, too!

    1. Trust me, we received a LOT of interesting looks from the passersby! haha (I can't say I blame them! haha)



I love your kind words :)