Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Let the chips fall where they may

Guess what!
I'm a Junior in college!!!
I can hardly believe it, myself.
In fact, it seems just like yesterday
that I was taking pictures on the last day of freshman year...
of high school...

Or posing for more awkward pictures on band trips...
We braided Kjersten's hair to look like a beard--
yes, I am still this mature.
Oh and yes, more band pictures...

You can safely bet that band did not
bring about some of my finer moments.

While my high school nerd band days are over,
I am still in school--
just a few years wiser older.

Before trekking off for class today,
I had to take a first day photo.
It would be a sin not to,
am I right, or am I right?!
Clearly, I'm right here.
Unfortunately, I took a bit too long
getting ready this morning.
Therefore, by the time I made it downstairs,
all of my roommates were long gone for the day.
I couldn't allow myself to sin on the first day,
so I used the handy self-timer.
Watch--American Eagle
Thank you, ginormous TV, for doubling as a tripod.
What a savior!

Speaking of ginormous,
check out my big feet...
I mean, my cute new shoes.
{Ladies, when you are 5'11",
big feet kind of come along with the package.}

But if you can look past the size of my feet,
I think you will appreciate my cute new boat shoes.
Want to know something else you may appreciate?
I snagged these on sale for $12 at Target.
Target, you may also be my savior.

After snapping one last picture,
I was off to my Wednesday classes.
Check out my schedule!

9-9:50 am
Food Science

Food Science

Food Science Lab
Food Science




11-11:50  am
Assess. Skill in Nutr. Lecture

Assess. Skill in Nutr. Lab

Assess. Skill in Nutr. Lab

12-12:50 pm

Peer Minister Office Hours

1-1:50 pm

2-2:50 pm

3-3:50 pm
Fd. Serv. Oper & Purchasing Mgmt.

Fd. Serv. Oper & Purchasing Mgmt.

4-4:50 pm

5-5:50 pm

6-6:50 pm

With the exception of Biochemistry,
she is a beauty!
It has been awhile since this has happened,
but I am truly excited to begin learning.
I really miss the days where I looked forward to school
and learning new things.
I think it may have been about 7th grade or
high school Biology II when I last looked forward to a class.
But those days are back,
and I couldn't be happier about it.

if you are in the midst of a class schedule or career
that you are not quite satisfied with,
I like to refer to
Jeremiah 26:14 "As for me, I am in your hands; do with me whatever you think is good and right."

There are many points throughout our lives
where we may not know which path to take.
Sometimes you just have to trust in God.
There may be trial and error,
but I can assure you,
it is so satisfying when you finally do discover
exactly where you are meant to be
and exactly what you are supposed to do.

So God,
let the chips fall where they may...
And I will bring the salsa! ;)
Maybe that's not the kind of chips that idiom is referring to.
But I'm a dietetics student,
it works for me!


  1. Such a cute first day outfit!!


  2. hahaha!!! oh your pictures are so adorable! I don't know if i would have the balls to put up some of my old pictures!! thinking i might challenge myself though!!
    And such a gorgeous first day outfit (i dream of being able to wear things like that to work *sigh*)
    Nic x

  3. Good for you! I like what you say: it is so satisfying when you finally do discover exactly where you are meant to be and exactly what you are supposed to do.


  4. You are so cute, and yes, you should always take a 'first day of class' picture--it'll make for good memories later, when even your college pictures seem so old! :P


I love your kind words :)