Tuesday, August 7, 2012


 That girl is me.
No. No. No.
Not the girl in the picture,
but the girl in Coldplay's hit, "Paradise."
Yes, ladies and gentleman,
Chris Martin wrote it about me
while reminiscing about our years together,
before Gwyneth Paltrow showed up on the scene.
Ohh take a joke, people.
{But seriously, she didn't even take his last name.
I would have taken your last name, Christopher.}

If you have been reading my posts lately,
you may have come to the conclusion
that I am mildly completely obsessed with Coldplay.
So is it any wonder that every time I close my eyes, I dream of para, para, paradise?
Paradise, being the Coldplay concert in a couple short long days, of course.
I have been dreaming about this day since my obsession took off
during my Junior year of high school.
I don't even have to sleep to dream about Coldplay, or even close my eyes--
it's all I have been thinking about.
I was going to tell an embarrassing story in my post today
to join the Amusing August link-up,
but I have been so distracted all day with my daydreams.
I was going to clean my room and order textbooks on my day off ,
but I decided to make treats for the trip to St. Paul instead.
I even started packing my bag for the trip.

Check out the shirt I purchased just for the occasion:

While my brain was in "Coldplay-mode,"
I also came across this live performance of my favorite song from the Mylo Xyloto album:

If that performance doesn't make you want to climb in my suitcase and come along,
I really don't know what will.
{You may be a lost cause, friend.}

As for now,
I am going to try my hardest to be a bit productive in the next couple days
and get some sleep.
Definitely sleep.
{One of my friends attending the concert actually suggested
I get more sleep before the concert--
for their sake...

I may also take this advice:

While I can guarantee that I will listen to Coldplay,
I can't make any promises on the keeping calm.


  1. I am SO jealous that you are seeing them in concert!! I have been wanting to go to one forever! Have tons of fun and rock that shirt :)

    1. I am so stoked! :) I can't wait to wear the shirt either, and I'm sure I will have plenty of pictures coming this direction ;)

  2. That shirt's awesome! Love it!

    1. Thank you! :) I was so excited when I found it on Etsy!


I love your kind words :)