Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Week without a coffee shop stop...

As I have mentioned,
this is my first year living off_campus.
I must say,
it blows the dorms out of the waters.
I have been loving the extra space, time with new roommates,
the ability to have alone time in my own room, cooking my own meals,
and naps.
Well, as far as those naps go, they may be a con to living off-campus.
Naps and I have been meeting a tad bit too frequently for the likes of my productivity.
Let's just say, if I were a full-fledged textile factory,
the CEO would not be too impressed with my output.
Which leads me to my desperate need for coffee lately.

Mmm coffee.

This is the part of my post where I may admit
to missing my flex-dollars for the school eating facilities.
Ohh Java City,
you and I had some good times.
Your smoothies and chai lattes never disappointed.
I never even had to think about how expensive you were.
I just pulled out that magical pre-paid meal plan card
and BAM!
You were in my hands.
There was no guilt of spending 4 bucks on coffee.

Living off-campus,
I am starting to realize how much I took that convenience for granted.
Sure, I can make my own coffee at home,
but there is something about having someone prepare a chai latte for me
that is more appealing.
my debit card has been getting too much of a workout from this habit.
I have found myself at every coffee shop in this town over the course of just a few short
weeks of school.
Sure, a treat is good every now and then,
but those 4 dollar drinks add up.
So this week,
I set a lofty goal for myself:
No coffee purchases.
That's right,
I have to make my own coffee all week long.
It's a hard knock life,
I know, I know.
While I have been tempted to stop at the Mission Coffee House on
my bike rides home,
I have actually found that I don't need those specialty coffee stops so frequently.
I think this week will show me that lattes should only be an occasional treat,
instead of an everyday routine.

How are you cutting back or saving in your daily life?


  1. My husband and I are in that boat. I've written a few posts about it, but we're about to start an "almost" essentials only October. One of the first things I cut out when we decided to start saving money was the coffee shop :( However, we have a Keurig we got for a wedding gift, and those $14 packs come out to like, $1 a coffee. I just buy flavored creamers when they're on sale BoGo or 2 for $5 and make my own. ALMOST as good, lol. Good job on making a change!

    1. I love Coffee Mate and the International Delight creamers!
      Thanks for stopping by! :)

  2. Isn't living off campus wonderful? I lived in a dorm freshman year, and then sophomore year and this year i lived in an apartment. So nice! And i totally agree. it's just not the same when you make it yourself!

    Joanna @

    1. I have LOVED living off campus! So much more homey!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I ran out of coffee this morning and I have been without it ALL DAY! I think I have ripped a few patches of bald spots in my hair....

    1. I can hardly stay awake in class WITH coffee, I don't know how I would manage without!
      Thanks for stopping by! :)


I love your kind words :)