Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Flavor This, Food Industry

The past couple of years, I haven't had many classes
where I have felt the need to regurgitate what I learn to you all.
(If that isn't a pretty picture,
I'm not sure what is)

Unless you really would like me to explain
the physiology behind why we breathe,
then I guess I could take the time to fill you in.
However, I'm guessing at the end of the day,
you don't log onto your computer to unwind by
reading about pressure changes in the lungs.
I may lose a few of my precious followers.
But this year,
I am finally in my core classes.
This means,
I am learning about subjects that I actually care about.
Thank heavens!
In fact, the day I am finished with chemistry forever
is likely the day I take a victory lab around my college campus.
Goodbye, chemistry...You will not be missed.
Before I jump the gun,
I do need to finish that course first...
but in the meantime,
I thought I would share some information with you all from
my Food Science class.
To give you a little introduction to this class,
here is my teacher:

I did not snap a picture of him and
edit it this way.
He actually included this picture with his biographical information.
(I like this guy already.)
He even insisted on taking a class picture for  the first day of class.
I walked in, expecting him to whip out any ordinary digital camera.
Boy was I wrong!
The man had the flashing lights with the umbrellas set-up
(I realize they have a proper name,
but I don't know the lingo)

and he had a fancy Nikon camera with all kinds of lenses.
So we all said "Cheese.."
I am on the far left.
I can't remember the last time I took a class picture.
Probably second grade.

We have only had two class sessions and lab,
but my professor emails incessantly.
Here is a video we were asked to watch for class discussion tomorrow:


I love 60-minutes!
Although I must say, I miss the Dan Rather days.
If you watched the video,
it really did provide some food for thought.
(Ohh I'm so punny!)
Those flavorists are hijacking our brains, folks.
So the next time I consume an entire bag of chips,
I guess I can just blame it on those darn flavorists.
Or that 5-lbs I gained from random stress eating last week,
(I wish I were kidding)
yeah, I'm blaming that on the flavorists too.
Here's an idea for you flavorists out there,
make chocolate taste like dirt.
The current flavor has been seducing me a bit too much lately.

While the food industry may not change
and neither will my cravings for sugar,
I guess we will all just have to learn good portion control
and self-control.
This girl could definitely use a lecture on self-control some most days.
In the meantime,
I guess I will go indulge in some fresh carrots
and really stick it to those flavorists.
Take that!

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