Sunday, September 9, 2012

Just a Rubber Ducky...lost at sea

Did you know that a horrific event happened back in 1992?
No that was not the year I was born...
1991 was that glorious year.
Rather, in 1992, a shipping crate full of 28,000 rubber bath toys--
rubber duckies--
crashed on its journey from Hong Kong to the U.S.
Can you imagine?
My baths must have been so lonely--
no rubber ducky.
I would have sang,
"Wash cloth, you're the one!
You make bath time so much fun."
It just really does not have the same ring to it.

The funny thing about this rubber ducky story is that years later
people have been finding these toys washed on shore.
They have been found in the likes of Hawaii, Alaska, South America, Australia,
the Pacific Northwest, the Arctic, Scotland, and Newfoundland.
Let's be honest,
those duckies had other plans when they got on that boat in Hong Kong back in 1992.
A map of the destinations of the rubber duckies

I had never heard of this rubber ducky tale
until I went to church at the University Lutheran Center this morning.
Pastor Bob reminded us of how we are not much different than these unfortunate duckies at sea.
No matter how long we are lost at sea,
we eventually find our path, with a little help,
and make it home,
wherever that may be.

this passage couldn't have come at a more appropriate time in my life.
Have you ever had those moments where you feel so lost?
You feel lonely, but don't feel like socializing.
You feel anxious and stressed, but have no motivation.
You feel so tired, but you can't sleep.
That has been me lately.
I'm that ducky lost at sea.
Fortunately for me,
God has a way of reaching out to us when we need Him most.
While I'm still not quite myself and haven't fallen into my routine at school,
I have found much comfort, especially today.
Church has a way of comforting me.
While I went to church this morning as usual,
I also attended a more contemporary service, Oasis, this evening
with a roommate and some friends.
I felt so at home at that service.
The slogan on the card I received for Oasis stated
"rest. renew. redemption."
That's exactly how I felt afterwards:
rested, renewed, and redeemed.
Each day, I am amazed at how God mysteriously works
to make us whole again,
and today was no exception.
As we enter another week,
I hope you are feeling as rested, renewed and redeemed as I now feel.
If not,
I pray that you allow God to reach out to you.
I promise,
you will feel a million times lighter.
And if you are that rubber ducky lost at see,
like myself,
isn't it time we come to shore?

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