Sunday, September 23, 2012

My Other Life...

Have you ever taken a moment and dreamed
of what your life would be like if you had chosen a different path--
a different major, a different zip code, a different way of life?

As I sit here surrounded by the pages of my Biochemistry notes--
surrounded by confusing symbols, diving into this completely foreign language,
my own personal oblivion, really--
I can't help but wonder how my life could be different at this point in time.

When I was growing up,
I was drawn to journalism and writing.
While most students at school hated all of the technical rules
of the English language,
I loved taking my English and Literature classes.
Perhaps it doesn't shine in my blog posts,
(you'll have to forgive me, it has been a couple years since I've taken an English course)
but I really do enjoy reading and writing.
Whenever I watched movies growing up,
I aspired to be that polished, independent woman,
gracing the streets of a big city.
In these fantasies,
I attended an Ivy League, preferably Yale,
where all of the teachers adored me.
I dressed in pleated skirts and argyle sweaters,
always a non-fat latte in hand.

In my free time,
I leisurely flipped through the pages of my favorites like
The Great Gatsby and The Catcher in the Rye.

I pictured myself confidently walking into
the office,
where I was the most elite writer.
my boss loved me just as much as my teachers at Yale.

How perfect!
This is about the time where I am brought back to reality.
What is that reality again?
The reality is that my Biochemistry book
is still sitting here...
staring at me...
taunting me...
making me feel inferior.

Did I mention that I have my first Biochemistry test this Friday?
Did I also mention that I couldn't tell you the difference between a phi or psi angle?
Now is probably not the time to be daydreaming about the life I didn't chose.
However it does sure seem like the perfect opportunity to be envious of all of
you out there living my former dream.

While science classes tend to discourage me,
I just need to keep trusting that I have chosen the right path.
So dietetics school it is...
Oh and if you have some free time,
say a little prayer for my Biochem test this week...
or at least my sanity.

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  1. hey girlie! sorry things can be so overwhelming! Hang in there!


I love your kind words :)