Monday, October 8, 2012

Sometimes I forget... truly blessed I am.
Being in college,
I often fall captive to the negative mindset
of "Ughh I'm going to fail!" or
"I never have time for fun anymore!"
However, having some spare time this weekend
helped me realize how fortunate I am.
Biochemistry will always create some anxiety in my life.
I will always feel self-conscious.
But there comes a point in your life where you just have to
stand back and reflect upon how blessed you are to have been given the life you have.
It could always be much worse.
It reminds me of that popular pin on Pinterest:

Thank you God

It hit me this past week,
I have been rushing right through my favorite time of year.
Fall is already too short of a season,
why have I not been savoring each moment of it?
So that is exactly what I chose to do during my long, holiday weekend--
enjoy the fall season.

I started my Saturday off with a Cancer Awareness 5k on campus...
It was a chilly one, I can assure you.
I didn't get any pictures of me actually running it,
but you will just have to trust me when I say that I really did get 1st for women,
and I really did finish 6th overall.
{Yes, I may have just patted myself on my back.
And no, it would not surprise me if you are shaking your head right now}
I ran in memory of Sam-- a friend from high school who lost his battle to leukemia last year

After I cleaned myself up a bit,
my best friend, Kacie, and I ventured back out into the crisp air
and enjoyed ourselves.
(Imagine that--you really can take a break from the books once and awhile!)

These picture so accurately illustrate my love for this season.
To warm up after, we hit-up a local coffee shop, Choco Latte,
and indulged in spiced cider and a pumpkin sauce latte.
(My mouth is watering just reminiscing about it...)
We also stocked up on some supplies before heading back to Kacie's house,
where we camped out for the rest of the day--
decorating pumpkins and getting me caught up on Pretty Little Liars.Speaking of PLL, I am still in shock after the summer finale...
Let's be honest, we all knew Mona was one crazy b----, eh, you know what I mean...
but the other A?!? Say what?!

 While I recover from my shock after catching up with PLL,
let me know how you spent your Native American Day/Columbus Day weekend?


  1. Absolutely beautiful photos! :) I love Fall, too, it's my fave!

  2. great job getting first place! That's awesome! beautiful pictures btw


I love your kind words :)