Thursday, November 22, 2012

Everybody's Got Something to Offer


Have you ever noticed that when you
gather for a meal with your family,
everybody brings something to the table?

Each family member has something special that
they offer the conversation.
My grandpa brings the humor and since my dad is definitely his father's son,
he is quite the comedian himself. 
My grandma has the best laugh and is such a sport when grandpa cracks jokes about her.
If you have ever seen Everybody Loves Raymond?
Well we are a whole lot like the Barone clan on that sitcom--
except grandma and grandpa live across town instead of next door.
My mom brings her caring heart,
which comes naturally with her teaching title.
She also makes sure we are all well fed--
which certainly was not an issue this Thanksgiving.
And my brother, well, he knows how to talk about drugs??
(For clarification purposes, he is a pharmacist)
Even my dog Maggie has so much to offer.
She likes to welcome our guests with a nice salutation of
inspecting their hind ends with her snout.
As you can imagine, the guests just love it...
she usually ends up in the kennel about 5 minutes after our guests have arrived.
As for myself,
I bring the good looks.
Totally kidding,
but I must bring something to the table.

Thanksgiving reminds me of one of favorite songs from church,
"Everybody's Got Something to Offer."
The part of the song that stands out to me is the following:
"To the believers gathered here
the message it is true
we have all got a gift to give
in all we say and do."

This song is such a great reminder of our worth this time of year.
Whether your family situation is good or bad-
Whether you make millions or struggle to pay rent-
Whether you are feeling discouraged or on cloud nine--
There's no doubt that we all have special gifts to offer the world.
Reminding myself of the true meaning of the holiday seasons helps keep me grounded.
While it may be difficult to remember this as I flip through the Black Friday ads and think,
"Ohh I want this and definitely this,"
I am trying not to get caught up in the madness of the holiday season.
Rather, I am hoping to use the gifts that I have been blessed with
to bring cheer to the lives of others.
This evening, I worked at a nursing home in my hometown
{like I did all summer}
After spending the afternoon with my family,
I wasn't exactly thrilled about heading into work to scrub dishes.
However, once I arrived, I began thinking about how much the residents
would have loved to trade places with me.
They probably would have given anything for the opportunity to get out of that place
and eat a good meal at their family's home.
With this in mind,
I made an extra effort to be cheerful when serving the residents.
I asked them if they were having a good Thanksgiving and if they
were enjoying there turkey dinner--
instead of slapping the plates down in front of them and rushing off for the next tray.
It's pretty pathetic that it takes a holiday all about giving thanks 
for me to change my perspective about work and other aspects of my life.

As we enter the mad rush of the holiday season,
I encourage you to do at least one thing to bring warmth to the lives
of others around you.
Don't do it to make yourself look good or add to your list of volunteer projects for your resume.
Do it because you want to make a difference in someone's life.
In return, you'll be surprised how these simple acts of selflessness make you 
feel more satisfied and fulfilled with your own life.

Happy Thanksgiving!



I love your kind words :)