Thursday, November 15, 2012

It's Not about Me...

Have you ever noticed how bloggers
are the most self-centered people around?
I mean, let's just ponder this for a moment.
As bloggers, we post pictures of ourselves,
talk about ourselves,
and not to mention that the entire blog is dedicated to ourselves.
Now before my fellow bloggers, stomp off saying
"Who does this girl think she is--accusing me of 
being self-centered?!"
I will be the first to turn my pointing finger back around at myself.
Guilty as charged.

One of my favorite authors is Max Lucado.
If you have ever read any of his novels, 
you will understand where I am coming from
when I say he has a way with words.
He is a Christian author/Pastor based out of Texas.
While I have only read a few of his books,
he has written countless books about enriching ourselves in faith.
He has written about everything from general topics such as love to
specific Bible stories, like David and Goliath in his book Facing Your Giants."

Rescue from the life we thought would make us happy.
Recently, I began digging into his book It's Not about Me after I 
spotted it on the shelf in the library.
It had been a long day of studying Biochemistry.
You can about imagine my mindset at this point.
"Ughh. I hate Biochemistry. It's so stupid.
When will I ever use this as a Dietitian?!?"
If I had a dollar for every time my peers heard me utter one of those phrases...
Needless to say, I was feeling pretty sorry for myself
when I stumbled upon the book.
It seemed to come to me at the perfect time.
I read a couple chapters that night when I arrived home.
I remember sighing after those chapters and 
feeling pretty guilty for my self-centered mindset.
Just reading a few chapters from the book made me realize that 
I have been living my life all wrong.
When you live a self-centered lifestyle,
you're living without purpose.
However, when you take a moment to
reevaluate and make God the focal point of your life,
suddenly life becomes so much clearer. 
You slowly stop worrying about the petty troubles of your day 
and look at the big picture.
That emptiness that you have been feeling
suddenly becomes full when you accept God into your life.

Lucado explains that chosing a God-centered life will
"Rescue [us] from the life
we thought would make us happy."
 Isn't that the truth?"
Aren't we all wandering around on the pursuit 
of happiness?
But do we ever really find it?

This next week,
I encourage you to join me in 
focusing more on faith.
Reevaluate the motives for your actions. 
Do you strive for success to receive praise from others?
Do you write certain blog posts to gain more followers?
We are all guilty of trying to bring glory to ourselves.
Perhaps it is time to change our focus.


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