Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Join the Fight

Originally, I had another post planned for today.
However, after reading a post yesterday from one of my 
all time favorite blogs, Living in Yellow,
I changed my plans.
Erin is asking for your help.
A young boy named Isaac from her community
has recently been informed that his cancer is back.
This time around, it has spread to his spine and brain. 

Around this time last year, 
a boy from my community lost his battle to Leukemia.
(I mention this briefly in this post.)
However, over the course of the few months he lived with cancer,
it was absolutely amazing to see how my community came together
to support his family.
Please help Erin give Isaac the same loving community 
that my friend, Sam, had during his battle.
In her post today, 
Erin has offered different ways in which you can help support Isaac and his family.
While this time of year is a crazy rush of holiday festivities and shopping,
I hope you will take a moment out of your day and help make Isaac's Christmas special.
If this broke college student can donate $5,
so can you!

Join the fight for Isaac!

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing Isaac's story and spreading the word. I am so sorry to hear about little Sam. That is so heartbreaking. I don't understand (and dont think I ever will). I appreciate your willingness to use your blog for a greater good. xoxo


I love your kind words :)