Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Blogger who didn't Blog...

"Once upon a time,
there was a girl who started a blog.
At first it was just for fun--a creative outlet in her life 
overflowing with science.
Soon she became more and more passionate about her blog 
and began setting goals for herself and her blog.
Quickly, the idle days of summer turned into 
the manic rush of fall.
Her posts became less frequent, until one day
she realized it had been over a month since her last post..."

Ohh, heyyyy guys!
I don't mean to interrupt this gripping little tale,
but that day was today--
I woke up and thought to myself 
"Hmm...It's been awhile since I last posted."
So I logged into my account
(thankfully I remembered the password)
and what did I see?
My last post was October 8, 2012.
Not November--
I may have let myself off the hook a bit if it had been from November.
October, ladies and gentleman.
This is simply unacceptable.
I can't even believe I call myself a blogger.

In order to justify this poor blogging behavior,
allow me to update you on my life since my last post.

1.) My roommates and I hosted a pumpkin carving night with friends
I soon remembered that when I was younger,
I always ended up having my mom do most of the carving.
So mine looks like an 8-year old carved it.

2.) I have been a good Jackrabbit Fan...
(Yes, South Dakota State's mascot is, in fact,
a Jackrabbit)

My sophomore roommate, Deni and I FINALLY were able to hang out and catch up.
This girl could tell you some pretty embarrassing stories about me.
We have a "Quotebook" full of the intelligent things I said in the confines of our dorm room.

3.) We celebrated our 100th Hobo Day...
aka SDSU's Homecoming for all of you non-jackrabbits out there
Amanda, me, and Alyssa faced the cold weather to watch the parade along Main Street
4.) I celebrated two of my friends' 21st birthdays
{my 21st is a month and 6 days away.
Start making your shopping lists now ;) }
5.) We caught and "disposed of" the
devilish mouse in our house
Okay, Okay.
My roommate Alyssa trapped the mouse, while Tasha and I hid.
Later, Tasha's boyfriend "disposed of" the little guy.
6.) I landed one of three internship positions at the Boys and Girls Club
The internship is also in conjunction with Bel Brands and SDSU.
I will be designing nutrition curriculum for the young people at the club.
Ask me what our mission statement is.
I dare you.
This girl did her homework!
7.) Homework, studying, research
Let's be honest.
You guys probably don't want to hear about the details of DNA replication, transcription, and translation.
So I will just tell you that I am actually doing well in Biochem, I'm making progress on my research,
and homework is still homework.
 8.) I have been staying busy with my job as a Peer Minister
at the University Lutheran Center
We went on a Peer Minister retreat over Veteran's Day weekend.
I always have a blast sharing my faith with this fine group of individuals.
9.) Finally, I can't wait to spend the rest of the year with my roommates

I can't wait to share photos from our "family" Thanksgiving this coming Sunday.
Stay tuned! :)

There you have it.
The last 38 days in a nutshell.
I can assure you that more has happened in my life than just that.
However it is my own fault for being such a lazy blogger.
I hope you will forgive me. :(
Will you let me back into the blogging world?
Thanks guys!
(Yes. yes. I think I just had a conversation with myself.
I have gone far too long without blogging that I am losing my sanity.)

See you next time...

which will hopefully be sooner rather than 38 days later.


  1. Fundamentals of Biochemistry... my brain crashes from the look of the book lol. Good luck with your studies.

    1. Thanks, Tranae! My brain crashes looking at it as me! But the end is near. Thanks for stopping by!


I love your kind words :)