Monday, November 19, 2012

Two Thanksgivings...One Day

While I may be a dietetics student,
there are certain times throughout the year
where I like to step back from this role as a RD2be.
Thanksgiving just so happens to be one of them.
This past Sunday,
I did the unthinkable.
This one girl
(that's me)
took on two Thanksgivings...
in one day.
{Don't act like you're not impressed.}

I started off my day of feasting with a celebration with my roommates and friends.
Alyssa--our master turkey chef, in action

Food...Food...and more Food...
I made the Pinterest inspired apple "Turkey" platter
I must say, I have some pretty attractive friends ;)
My roomies and I even snagged some pictures for our
Christmas card...
We're still trying to decide which to slap on our Christmas card?
These are probably more accurate--
Any suggestions?!?

The rest of the day was spent cleaning up after the meal
and possibly frolicking around the house to Christmas music.
{I wish I were kidding}

Round 2 of my Thanksgiving day of gluttony
began at 6pm at my college church--
the University Lutheran Center

We captured this beauty after the morning church service--
it is going to appear next to the article I am writing for the
SDSU yearbook

 When I arrived,
most of the work was already completed...
Pastor Bob--tackling the turkey carving
Josh--Finishing up the homemade pumpkin pies--
That's right...HOMEMADE!
I witnessed the actual pumpkins being boiled
Brandi--putting the finishing touches on the cider

Did I mention that I ate a lot yesterday?
Did I also mention that I had a FANTASTIC day?
If there's one thing I'd like you to take away from this
post, it is that I had a great time yesterday--
not that I was a terrible RD2be...
you can go ahead and dump that piece of information from your memory.

While this was only the beginning of my Thanksgiving celebrations,
it reminded me of how thankful and happy I am with the loving and supportive
friends that I have been surrounded with this past year.
I had a pretty rocky sophomore year of college,
but I am so blessed with where life has led me during my junior year.

And, I am so thankful for those who have stuck around and read my blog--
even during times when my posts have been inconsistent.

 P.S. Just in case Thanksgiving isn't your fave like it is mine--
here is a simple reminder...

That Christmas is just around the corner!!


  1. OH MY GOSH!! That apple turkey is adorable! Totally might make that for the kiddos coming to our place for Thanksgiving this year;) New follower!!

    1. Thanks, Laurie! Definitely from Pinterest! :)


I love your kind words :)