Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Day in the Life...{Finals Week Edition}

When I saw that Erin was hosting a link-up
over at Living in Yellow,
I definitely added the link-up to my
blogging agenda.
I mean,
you'd be crazy to miss out on one of her link-ups...
and finals week is making me crazy enough,
so I certainly wasn't going to risk losing even more of my sanity.
So a link-up it is!

My Saturday started off nice and early at 6am.
Studying was on the agenda.

Next on the agenda:
Making lefse at the University Lutheran Center...
{If you have never heard of/tried lefse...
1.) Google it
2.) Eat it
The latter is not an option.}

Did I mention it was also an Ugly Sweater theme??

After having some lunch,
I made my way to the library,
where I studied lovely things like this...
{Don't act so jealous!}

Once I had had enough of the library,
I arrived home to the most pleasant of surprises.
{I will be blogging about this package later this week.}

 I took a power nap and studied a bit longer...

Then it was time to relax and enjoy
Christmas with my roommates!

It was so nice to take a break from the books and
laugh with some of my favorite ladies.

Unfortunately, the books were still waiting for me
when I arrived back home again.

 Perhaps I should have warned you of how dreadfully boring
the life of a college student is the weekend before finals week.
On a positive note,
less than 24-hours and I am done with Biochemistry...
And you will never have to hear me blog complain about it again
That is what I like to call a win-win situation.
Well, this winner is off to bed...
a well rested brain will be a necessity tomorrow at 11am.

Meanwhile, link-up here:

 I can't wait to see your pictures...
chances are they will be much more exciting than mine.


  1. I would say that my life probably looks just about the same! Studying studying and more studying...I'm Ashley and I found your blog through Erin's link up

    Good Luck on Finals!


  2. When I saw a pic of what you were eyes crossed, I can't even tell what the heck that even is! My days aren't full of studying, but they are equally as boring! Found you thru the link up!

  3. I definitely don't miss the studying part of college, but the social aspects are hard to beat ;)

  4. You are so cute! I hope finals go well for you and you can celebrate after! Have a great Christmas!

  5. I think my life looks the same as yours this week! Good luck :)

  6. That is the cutest picture ever of you and your roommates in the snow!!! I wish I had girl friends like that hahah.


I love your kind words :)