Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Look at How I {try to} Study

When I hit the library,
(which should probably happen a bit more frequently)
I essentially camp out for the day.
Every pen,
every snack,
every note card,
every last Biochemistry handout
has its own little home on my library desk.
It's the least I can do to make my study materials feel welcomed,
since half the study session I am either
a.) cursing the contents of my notes
b.) staring at them blankly
c.) shedding tears of stress and frustration...
Sometimes a, b, and c happen simultaneously.
It is a rare talent.
I have plenty of practice in that area.
Believe me.

 If you read my last post,
then you will know that college finals are in the air.
Finals week officially starts next week,
however, most of my projects and finals are actually this week. 
Additionally, my Biochemistry final is on Monday,
which means I need to get moving on this whole studying ordeal 
sooner rather than later.

I have included some pictures from
my library session this afternoon...
just in case you were curious as to what the life of a college student 
is looking like currently.
I always bring a large supply of pens and highlighters with me.
The brighter the better.
My theory is that bright, fun colored pens will help make the subject I am studying more enjoyable.
{I will try anything to make a chemistry course more fun...
if that is even possible}

I like to bring snacks with me as well.
While it is always tempting to opt for sugary, fatty foods during finals,
I recommend packing healthier options.
I have found that I feel more relaxed and focused when I fuel my body properly.
Hydration is also important.
Today I packed a spinach black bean salad for lunch,
a Gala apple, Special K Multigrain crackers
with a Laughing Cow Light Swiss Cheese wedge,
a water bottle and some coffee.
{Coffee seems to be a necessity these days.}

Another strategy that I use when I {try} to study is music.
To clarify,
I cannot listen to anything with words or too much of a beat.
I need mellow music.
I have a playlist on my ancient iPod called
"Catching some zzzz's"
which is exactly what I previously used the playlist for.
Now, it is my go-to studying list.
no Rihanna, Beyonce, Justin Bieber or One Direction
for this girl while studying.
Although I will admit that I am able to listen to
John Mayer and Coldplay while studying certain subjects,
but those are really the only exceptions to my "no lyrics" rule.

Finally, I am a huge believer in flash cards.
I think I would have failed my first Biochemistry test without using them to learn the amino acids.
If you were wondering, the amino acid in the picture is Phenylalanine.
There's one question I can be confident on!

How do you study for your big exams?
Or if you are not currently in an environment where you need to study,
what helps you focus and de-stress?


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  1. We are in the same boat, and flash cards are God's gift to college students haha


I love your kind words :)