Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Like a Good Neighbor...

...Amanda is there!
 Much catchier than, "State Farm is there."

I must admit. 
I have never been a good neighbor. 
In fact, I don't even know half
of my neighbors' names.
We all kind of kept to ourselves.
No neighborhood block parties on my street.
It should come to no surprise that
I also do not know my neighbors in my college town.
However, after scooping snow for several hours the other day
as my neighbors quickly cleared their sidewalks with fancy snow blowers.
I decided, perhaps it may be beneficial to get acquainted with my neighbors...
just in case they are feeling generous with their snow blower in the coming weeks.
It can't hurt,

I promise I didn't lick the beaters before mixing the contents--
That would be what I like to call a "bad neighbor move"
or a way to make enemies

I finished off my night by watching "It's a Wonderful Life"
My favorite Christmas classic
    I made all of the cookies a couple nights ago
and then packaged them up and brought them to the neighbors...
after testing several a couple, to make sure they were neighbor worth, of course.
What kind of neighbor would I be if I didn't give them my stamp of approval first?

P.S. Did you notice how the top of my post looks like a Christmas tree?
I actually didn't plan that and as I was editing my post, I noticed it and changed the font color accordingly.
The top part even looks like a star to top the tree!
I love how things work out like that! :)


  1. Replies
    1. Judging by the amount that I tested, they are my favorites too! ;)

  2. Oh glad to see you are using the cup! and honestly? I think "neighbors" arent like they used to be, ya know? we've lived in the same cult-a-sac for nearly 3 years and sure we wave, and say hello but I know about two of their names! I think I shall make them a little treat as well...I've been meaning to for 3 years haha

    1. I love the cup you gave me! I am using it right now. I totally agree with you on how neighbors aren't quite how they were years ago. Sometimes I wish I lived back in the "good ol' days" when you a person was really close to their neighbors. It is so different now.


I love your kind words :)