Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Packaged with Care

In my post on Sunday, 
I showed a picture of this mysterious box on my front porch.
I said that I would tell you about this package in an upcoming post,
and since I am a girl who keeps her word...
let's have at it!

Recently I signed-up for my first ever gift swap
via the blogging world.
It is a milestone I should probably mark in my diary, for sure...
or I'll just blog about it instead.
I linked-up for a stocking stuffer swap.
Like any Christmas lover,
I am a huge fan of stocking stuffers.

I was paired up with the super sweet Ashlea
Be sure to hustle on over and check her out--I mean, her blog!

I must admit, this girl had impeccable timing for when
the package arrived.
I had been studying all day at the library for an upcoming final.
When I came home,
I had the best surprise waiting for me.
I couldn't wait to tear into it!
People that know me well,
know that I am a big lover of packages.
I could have received a lump of coal 
and I still would have been smiling, ear to ear.

How great is she?!?
My only hope is that she loves her stocking stuffers as much as I love mine.
In all honesty, I think she may have outdone me a bit.
I may need to even up with you in the future, girl.
You may be expecting a surprise package in the future...
or a "not-so-surprise" package if you are reading this.

Thanks again! :)



  1. So awesome! Love this idea! and that purple cup is totally my style;)

  2. Oh I'm glad you liked it! I loved my box and the beautiful stocking itself!!! Thank you so much, I'm glad we got paired up and I had the opportunity to meet you! I'm looking forward to getting to know you better :)
    Happy finals!


I love your kind words :)