Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Balancing {Ball} Act

If you have been reading my blog posts from the past couple weeks,
you may have noticed that I have been a bit stressed.
I think it has something to do with research, the humidity,
and feeling like I haven't accomplished all that I was hoping to
as my summer hits the last month mark.
But in the midst of feeling a bit overwhelmed,
I have turned to my all-time favorite work-out video:
Balance Ball for Weight Loss
with Suzanne Deason.

There's those words: Weight loss,
which can cause stress in themselves.
But I promise you, this video is phenomenal on so many different levels.

First. Suzanne is such a calm fitness instructor--
a personality I really need in my life when I am stressed.
Don't get me wrong, I love Jillian and her intensity,
but sometimes I don't need someone yellin' at me
to get my big butt movin'.

Second. The video utilizes voice overs.
All of the Gaiam videos that I have ever tried use voiceovers.
It's kind of a pet-peeve of mine when the instructor of a video is talking and
working-out at the same time.

Third. You don't even break a sweat--
Well at least I don't when I do this video,
and let me tell you, this girlfriend can give a football player a run
for his money in the sweating category.

I could name so many other reasons why I love this video,
{like the fact that I snagged it for $2.50 at a thrift store 4 years ago}
but I think I will continue to rave about it in another post.
As for now, I would love to share three moves with you.

The Hundred
Laying on your back with your heels on the ball, inhale/exhale and roll your shoulders up.
Inhale through your nose for a count of five while keeping your abs tight and and moving your hands up and down with the counting.
It should go like this:
Inhale 1-2-3-4-5
Exhale 1-2-3-4-5
Inhale 2-2-3-4-5

Exhale 2-2-3-4-5

(continue up to 10)
The breathing is very important
and keep your shoulders and neck loose.
Push-up position with added bent elbows
Start with your body in the position in the first picture.
Inhale-Bend elbows-press away into straight arms.
Exhale-pull in (ribs lifted)
{You should be back to the first position}
Again, breathing is important and helps guide the movements
and makes them flow easily.
Do several reps.

Start at center (first picture)
Inhale/Exhale-rotate twist.
Inhale/exhale-rotate twist (other side)

Do several times.

I hope these make sense.
I highly recommend purchasing the video,
to get the best out of the workout.

I hope you are all having a lovely Tuesday!

P.S. As always, thanks to Heart+Mind+Soul for the use of the facilities.
I adore the space for workout videos.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday Marital Bliss

Happy Monday!

I have a very important announcement for you guys:
I'm getting MARRIED...

Fooled you!

I'm thinking it would make the most sense to
find a man first.

Remember a couple weeks ago when I was talking about
my friend Kacie's Bachelorette party?
Well the thing about Bachelorette parties is
that a wedding generally follows.
I was just proofreading old blog posts today,
{boy, have I made plenty of errors while in a rush lately!}
and I realized I hadn't shared pictures from Kacie's special day.
Some blurry pictures of the ceremony.
Kacie is so gorgeous--as usual :)
The Mr. & Mrs.

The reception...
You had me at "Cheesecake Bar" &
"Smoothie Bar"
One of my favorite couples around--
Stuart and Sarah

And just me with all my dates.
Form a line, boys.
Not all at once.
I had to entertain this guy ALL day during his birthday,
while Sarah was with the Bridal Party...
Lucky guy, I tell ya!
What a lovely bridesmaid--
aka my friend, Sarah
Just lookin' like a hot mess while stuffing my face.
What else is new?
The humidity was not friendly that day.
I was finally able to steal the bride for a few minutes

I miss my study buddies already--
Kacie is transferring schools and Sarah is
switching locations for Nursing school
You are lying if she is not the cutest thing you've ever seen! :)

I can't think of a better way to start off my week
than with a recap of this special day!

Congrats again to the Mr. & Mrs!!!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Pass it On, Versatile Blogger!

After a long, frustrating day of research last week,
I was delighted to find comments of encouragement right here on my blog.
Just like a football team needs cute cheerleaders on the sidelines,
sometimes I think I need some people on the sidelines of my life--
cheering me on.
{But don't worry. I won't make you wear a uniform ;) }
Can I just say that my 16 followers are the sweetest you will ever find?
And ya hear that?
Only 14 more to go and I shall be giving a fabulous necklace away to one of YOU!

But as I was starting to feel much better about my stressful day,
I soon discovered something else that brought a smile to my face.
Laura, over at Fall in Love,
awarded me with the Versatile Blogger Award.
Thanks, girl!

To be perfectly honest, I didn't even know fun little
blogging awards existed.
{Give me a break. I'm the new girl!}
So here is the deal, I must now spill 7 tid-bits about myself.
{I know you are just dying to hear them}
Then, I must pass on this lovely award to
15 blogs that I have either recently started following or
just love in general.

Here we go!
1.) I love running! It is the ultimate stress-reliever.
I would be one crabby Amanda if I lost my ability to run.
My celebration of National Running Day in June
2.) I would go crazy if I weren't organized.
My closet is even color-coded.

3.) I would love to learn to cook well...and enjoy the process
(This is a work in progress)
Ohh just sipping Sparkling Grapefruit Juice and
wishing I really knew how to cook

4.) My guilty pleasure is peanut butter
(I eat it by the spoonfu!l)

5.) I am a Dietetics student and my dream job would be to own my own business,
where I serve as both a personal trainer and dietitian--a life coach of sorts!

6.) I am terrible on keeping up with current events since graduating from high school
(My debate coach would be so ashamed!!)
In my defense, I haven't consistently had cable
since my senior year of high school

7.) Money is a huge cause of stress in my life.
I have yet to take out a student loan
(thanks to generous scholarships),
but I may just have a heart attack the day it is a necessity to take one out!

 So there you have it!
I am a pretty boring 20-year old girl.
I probably should have warned you of that before you proceeded to read this post.
Ahh well.

Now it is time to pass on the torch
by selecting 15 bloggers to participate in the Versatile Blogger Award. 

From Elizabeth, With Love

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 I can't wait to hear from you, lovely ladies!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

I had the best day with YOU today

Now I know why all the trees change in the fall
I know you were on my side
Even when I was wrong
And I love you for giving me your eyes
Staying back and watching me shine

And I didn't know if you knew

So I'm taking this chance to say
That I had the best day
With you today

-"The Best Day"
Taylor Swift

I was thinking about this mother/daughter song the other day
as my mom and I spent the day together, shopping.
While we tend to get on each other's nerves,
(that'll happen when you are too much alike)
some of my best days are spent bonding with my mom.

So before I get too sentimental on you and have everyone crying,
here is a little recap of my Thursday spent shopping in Sioux Falls.

Caffeinated and ready to go!

We ate a sensible lunch at the park
by the Sertoma Butterfly exhibit in Sioux Falls, SD

By the willow tree near our picnic table
My dad is obsessed with making sure mom's new Prius is taken care of--
So I did a little curb check for him.
All Clear!

We finally found a nice bedding set within my budget

My first cut-out dress!!
And only $15.00!
Thank you, Charlotte Russe!

My new favorite place to eat
Soooo delicious!
And much needed after a long day of shopping
Some of my purchases...
And some more!

I may have done a bit of damage to my checking account,
but I will forgive myself.

Twas a good day.
Twas a good day.

Friday, July 27, 2012

20 in 20

Today I am taking part in my first link-up bash, brought to you by Living in Yellow.
Living in Yellow is probably the coolest/funniest blog I have ever come across in my short time in this crazy blogging world. But with 2200+ followers, I must not be the only one loving Erin's blog.
Erin recently created a link-up where bloggers create a post with a number of goals matching up to their age. Hers was 26 in 26.
To join the blogging fun, I will share with you 20 goals for my 20th year.

  1. Be consistent with my blog posts and never make it a stressful place--
    While I may talk a lot about stress in my life,
    I try to keep my blog a positive corner of the world.

  2. Devise a written bucket list.
    While I have a random bucket list on Pinterest,
    I’d like to make one that I can sit back, in my old age someday, and say
    Oh yeah! I did accomplish what I set-out to do and had some fun along the way.”…
    Followed by patting myself on the back,
    but hopefully not breaking my back in  the process.

  3. KNOW the material in my classes like the back of my hands
    I am entering my junior year of dietetics, which means it is time to get down to business.
    No more of that cramming for chemistry and biology tests shenanigans.
    I will finally be in my root classes.
    I want to go above and beyond with learning the material this year
    to be a dietician my clients can trust.
    My first book purchase of the semester.
    More exciting than Organic Chemistry, I'd say.
  4. Donate to the church offering plate each week
    If I have money to spend on superficial things for myself,
    I have money to donate to great causes
  5. Learn how to take better pictures with the camera I have
    I have been dying to get a good quality Nikon Camera lately, but I have decided that I really need to work with what I have.
    I currenly have a four-year old Kodak camera.(A Black Friday Special, as I recall.)
    Very basic.
    But if I put some time into learning about the settings,
    I think I can take better quality pictures.
    Any advice for me?
  6. Have a girl’s weekend with my mom and her sister, aka my aunt
    When I was a junior in high school, I skipped out on my junior prom (okay okay I didn’t have a date) and spent the weekend with my mom and aunt in Minnesota.
    We had makeovers done, pedicures, watched movies and ate delicious food.
    We always said we were going to make it a tradition.
    Well, that never happened.
    I say now is the time to start it back up.
    (Ya hear me, mom and Carol?)
    This picture from back in '09 just cracks me up!
    What a bunch of goofs :)
  7. Plan a {almost} flawless Health and Nutrition Conference
    Last school year, I served as the first undergraduate Student Coordinator for
    the Health and Nutrition Conference at South Dakota State University.
    For my first year, I never felt as if I knew what I was doing.
    With a year under my belt, I am ready to take it to the next level.
    I want all attendees to have a great/fun experience.

  8.  Run a 10k
    I think I have the 5k department down...

    Now I am ready to move up to a 10k.
    I ran varsity cross country in high school, but we only ran 4k’s, so I love being able to train on my own and achieve even higher goals that I set for myself, not goals my coach thinks I should reach.
  9. Have a getaway weekend with my girls/roomies
    I shall be checking this off my list next weekend.
    Can you say boat bonding time with the roomies?
    My roomies and I--circa 2010
    aka Freshman year
  10. Organize all of the picture files on my laptop
    When it comes to organization, I am a bit on the edge of OCD-land.
    This entire summer, my mess of picture files on my computer has been driving me insane—
    yet I have done nothing about it.
  11. Get more zzz’s on a regular basis
    I made this my goal this past week, but really, it should be more of a routine.
    I need to make it happen.
  12. Babysit
    I haven’t babysat since the ripe ages of middle school—
    I can’t wait to babysit my cousin’s first little munchkin when he/she arrives in November. Consider me hired!
  13. Plan a Breakfast Brunch for my 21st birthday
    I have always wanted breakfast in bed for my birthday--
    it has just never happened.
    So this year, I am taking matters into my own hands with a brunch with the girls
    My birthday is 5-months away,
    but I already have the details mentally planned out.
    I’m really not as ashamed as I should be
    {Thank you pinterest!!}
  14. Get along with my brother
    Wait! How old am I?
    Why yes, my 24-year brother and I still fight like we are 12.
    My perfectionistic tendencies have a difficult time sharing a bathroom with a slob.
    (Sorry I couldn’t think of a nicer synonym for slob.)
    BUT I just may need to take a few deep breaths and say the serenity prayer
    {a couple dozen times}
    and make an effort.
    If you are reading this, brother, I shall try to make an effort.
    Emphasis on the try.

  15. Attend an epic concert
    August  10, 2012.
    Minneapolis, MN.
    I am NOT kidding when I say, this has been #1 on my mental bucket list FOR AGES.
    And guess what!
    I will be there with some of my best friends!
    Every teardrop will be a waterfall that night, my friends, every teardrop.
    Tears of joy, of course

  16. Be a good role model
    When I was growing up, I was completely intimidated by all of my older male cousins.
    So my one female cousin (at the time), Jenny, was always such an inspiration to me.
    I want to be that same fun role model to my younger cousin and other young girls.

  17. Attract 125 followers to my blog.
    I have 14 fantastic followers right now.
    Can we make it happen?
    Let's start with my August follower challenge,
    shall we?

    While we are on the topic of followers:  
  18. Get Erin from Living in Yellow to follow my blog
    If any of you read Living in Yellow, you will know that she is obsessed with Giuliana Rancic and her posts are huh-lair-ious.
    Well, Erin is like my Giuliana Rancic.
    This girl is such a celeb in the blogging world.
    I think I would run around my house screaming if Erin followed me back.
  19. Become a better reader.
    I read nonstop when I was growing up.
    There is something about reading boring textbooks that has made me a terrible reader lately.
    I want to make time to read for enjoyment this year.

    Last but not least.  
  20. Make more time for myself With several jobs, extracurricular activities, family, friends, school…I need to make time for myself
    mostly for sanity purposes.
What do YOU want to accomplish in this year of your life?
I'd love to hear your aspirations {or just plain funny goals} in the comments below.
Remember, you can only be this age ONCE!