Friday, January 4, 2013

Bring on another semester! Bring on more textbooks!

As most of you probably are aware, I am a college student.
You may have come to realize this after I obsessed about Biochemistry in this, this, or this post.
I guess that class kind of controlled my life this past semester.
While I basically despised that textbook, at the same time, it was a lifesaver…
my light in the darkness called chemistry…
my beacon of hope…
okay, okay I’m being a bit dramatic, but you get the idea.
When everything my professor was saying in class was like a foreign language to me,
thank goodness my textbook was in English.
But do you want to know the best part about my Biochemistry textbook?
The best part about my textbook was that once I was done, it was out of my life!
Sayonara thermodynamics!
No, I did not throw it on the curb for the Monday garbage truck to pick up.
I shipped it right back to where it came from.

Amen to CampusBookRentals! Amen!

This has been my second year renting books online.
My first year I had it in my head that I would buy all of my books and then sell them online and make loads of money.
Genius! Right?  
It turns out, book companies like to update their books and professors like to use that updated version. I am still left with my speech book from freshman year.  
Any takers?!?
CampusBookRentals has made renting textbooks such an easy process for me.
All I have to do is log on to their website and easily locate the book I am searching for.
When the book arrives, they even provide an envelope to ship the book back in.
You will realize how nice this is as you frantically try to round up an envelope to mail your other books in by the deadline. Trust me!
And did I mention free shipping both ways?!
And don’t even get me started on how much they have saved my checkbook!
With CampusBookRentals, you are able to save 40-90% off of the bookstore prices.
Just look at how much I saved on one of my nutrition books by renting via the site: .

Not too shabby, eh?
When I shop for books, I always write down the comparison between competing book stores and CampusBookRentals always seems to win.
CampusBookRentals makes my wallet happy!
Not only is my wallet smiling, but the organization that they sponsor is smiling as well— 
Operation Smile.
Did you know that with each textbook you rent via CampusBook Rentals, the company donates to Operation Smile?
With CampusBookRentals there are smiles all around!

As I enter another semester of college, I am sure to be bombarded with a long list of books that must be purchased. However, it is always comforting to know that I can go straight to CampusBookRentals and I am in good hands.

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  1. Renting books is so much easier, I have done that and it has already saved me a TONNNN of money. And chemistry....... no bueno. No bueno at all.


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