Wednesday, January 23, 2013

But You Gotta be Happy

If you have been wondering where on earth I have been lately 
(which you probably haven’t been)
I would have to ask myself another question in return: 
“Where in the heck HAVEN’T I been?!?”

Life has been a bit crazy, to say the least. 
I have this problem—a problem where I like to take on more tasks at once than should really be legal. One of these days I may be arrested. 
I’m just waiting for a SWAT team to dramatically barge into my house and say 
“Amanda Lambrechts, you are under arrest for taking on too many tasks 
than you are capable of doing well at once.”

Crazier things have happened, right? 

I’m starting to realize that maybe one dietetics student shouldn’t do undergraduate research, design nutrition curriculum for the Boys and Girls Club for an internship, coordinate a Health and Nutrition Conference, write a blog, and serve as a peer minister of development for a church group on campus…
Oh and take 17 credits
that should have probably been prioritized at the top of my list, huh?!

So true. Between working full time, finishing school, and taking care of a newborn baby, there is no "me time."

 Normally, I can get by and tell myself “it will be worth it in the end” and carry on. 
But lately, I have been struggling to maintain a healthy balance in my life. 
Mostly, I have been failing to find any time to sleep in the midst of all this. 
Trust me, I am a girl who needs her sleep. 
Not only does my appearance give off a haggard “haven’t slept in a week” vibe, 
but I struggle to think straight and stay on task. 

Exhibit A.
I was so sleep deprived at one point that I convinced myself that writing a novel at 3am was a
good idea. Not a proud moment, not a proud moment at all.

 Last May, I was extremely sleep deprived after a long semester of school. I would just assume not relive that part of my life ever again, thank you very much. 

Moving on.

Even though it may seem like I have a million things on my plate right now, I am constantly trying to remind myself of how important it is to inhale, take a deep breath and always make time to take care of myself. 

Sounds simple.
But it is so easy to forget.

Today as I was tapping my toes in the back of the post office line,  
a little girl alongside her mother turned to me and greeted me with a hello and said
"We're mailing a special package."
 She must have been about 4 years old and such a friendly little girl.
One glance at her little face and you could see the innocent curiosity
about absolutely everything around her--
and I mean everything.
That little girl probably touched each and every display box in the place
 while waiting in that line.
When she and her mother finally got to the front of the line, 
she turned to me again and said 
“It’s your turn next. But you gotta wait first. And you gotta be happy.”
I giggled and told her,
"I'm trying to be patient."
She then finished our encounter by saying, 

"Good. But you gotta be happy."

In the midst of my hectic week,
the best advice I could have received came from a little girl at the post office.
Sure, be patient with the plan that God has in store for you from day to day.
Yes, work hard for the things that you want in life.
Make time for friends and family.
But most importantly,
"You gotta be happy,"
because in the end, isn't happiness what we are striving for after all?



  1. This is why I love working with young children and aspire to be a teacher. Their passion for life is so full and pure. Your post immediately made me think of Matthew 18:2-5. I often go back to that scripture when I feel stressed over schedules and adult * stuff*. It reminds me to look at the small things for the miracles they are.Like a child would.

    Great post.

    Have a blessed day.

  2. i feel you on this. i think women always take on WAYYY more than humanly possible. and yes being patient is so hard!


I love your kind words :)