Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Dear Technology...

Dear Technology,
I have been cussing at you for the last two days and thought I had best put my emotions in a letter. Remember the good old days when life was simple? I would log onto my laptop with hardly a care in the world. You would work properly for me and I was pleased with your results.

Well, what the heck, technology?!?

 I am not too happy with you lately. In case you have forgotten your faults so soon, let me remind of you of the events over the course of the past two days. Yesterday, I didn’t have to go into work, being as it was New Year’s Day and all. Normally, I love the start of a New Year. It always seems to hold a promising future and kicks off with a fresh start. If yesterday is an indicator of how the next year is going to go, then I will stick to 2012, thank you very much!

 I logged onto my computer, like any other day. This time the volume worked the first time I powered up. So props to you, technology. Usually it takes a couple shut downs and restarts to get the sound to work. This is where I stop giving you credit, so brace yourself for some scolding.

 I decided that yesterday was a good day to organize some files and have everything in a logical place to start off another year and semester of college. I started with my pictures. Over the years, I have accumulated quite the collection of photos I have taken. Each has its own special memory attached to it. I researched a bit online on how to best sort pictures before tackling the project. I sorted through each folder and carefully chose only the best pictures and deleted others. I also decided to rename the folders, as suggested online, so that pictures would be easier to locate in the future. A project that I thought would only take a couple hours ended up consuming my entire day. I cannot even begin to tell you how many episodes of “How I Met Your Mother” I made it through on Netflix—mostly because the number is a tad bit embarrassing. 

Finally, I was nearing the end of my project and I was so delighted with how all of my Kodak pictures were arranged. I imagined myself never having to sort through countless files again to locate one picture. That was where my bubble burst, if you will. I decided to open a folder to take a look at my work, when the most awful message I have ever seen took over my screen 

“The File may have been renamed or moved in your Windows file system.”

Well no, duh, technology, what do you think I had been doing for the past 12 hours of my life?!?

Yet, as I sit here, staring at my screen, I can see every picture in my Kodak system, faded with a red question mark in the lower left corner. The photos are literally right there, taunting me! Yet I am unable to access them. 

Why are you doing this to me, technology?! I really don’t understand. I have always been so good to you. In fact, I believe you still owe me an apology for that time you erased my entire Jane Eyre Dialectic Journal and Essay. Do you realize how many tears I shed and sleepless nights I encountered from those lost files during AP Literature senior year?! I was finally starting to get over it and forgive you, but now you’ve done it. You’ve erased several years of memories in pictures. 

To top it all off, I remained calm for awhile. I installed recovery software to try and obtain my lost files. I sat at home for 9 hours today, only to find out that it would cost me at least $70 to see the files even though I wasn’t sure that I would actually get my pictures back.

I could keep going on about how upset I am about the time I have wasted and the pictures I have lost, but I think you get the point.

Please, let’s not meet like this again. And in case you are feeling generous in the New Year, all is forgiven if you would simply return my files.

One frustrated young lady,

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