Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Little Things

In the midst of my hectic lifestyle,
I am always amazed by how easily the simplest things are able to brighten my day.
Whether I am running across campus--from class to class,
attempting to learn  memorize every last detail of glycolysis  
(that quiz is tomorrow, I might add--prayers are welcome, in fact, they are encouraged),
or trying to focus on writing goals and objectives for my internship--
somewhere in between,
I always seem to experience the kindness of those around me.
Isn't it crazy how something as simple as receiving a compliment on your outfit
or how a stranger smiles and opens the door for you can make your entire day?

And don't even get me started on how a surprise supper topped off with homemade
cheesecake can brighten my whole week.
 You're lying or you just really hate cheesecake if you say that
a boy making this for you wouldn't make your day!!

Not only is cheesecake my favorite dessert,
but receiving packages in the mail also tops my "favorite things" list.
This past month, I took part in my first ever Cara Box exchange over at Wifessionals.
Kaitlyn selects a theme each month and matches-up bloggers.
I was able to get to know Katie at Unwritten.
Since this month's theme was New Year's Resolutions,
we discussed some of Katie's goals for the New Year. 
I also tried to grasp some other ideas of things she might like to receive to aid her in 
her endeavors.
I hope she likes the items that I sent her! :)

In addition to "meeting" Katie,
I also became better acquainted Tanya from The Baksha Five.
We are both students, so it has been fun chatting with Tanya about everything
from classes to the latest movies in theaters. 
I must say, she nailed my New Year resolutions with her package. 
I absolutely love everything.

The package started off with a sweet note from Tanya herself.
Each kind gift was cradled in purple tissue paper--my favorite color.
She made the most adorable bookmarks out of paint samples. 
These will be great for marking the pages of my textbooks.
She also included a notepad to help keep track of assignments and other "to-do" items.
I am a HUGE list maker, so this was perfect.
Trail mix was also incorporated as a healthy study snack.
I will be needing that extra protein in the upcoming weeks, believe me. 
Since Tanya realizes the importance of taking a break from studying now and then,
she also included a calming candle and nail polish with files.
I can't wait to try these colors out this weekend during a study break.
To remind me of my goals, 
Tanya framed the words "Mind Body Soul."
I love reading these words each morning , as I get ready for the day.
Such a great reminder!
For fun, note cards and heart shaped ice cube trays
I write thank you notes for everything--and I mean everything.
With Valentine's Day quickly approaching, 
I have some ideas brewing in my mind for ways to incorporate the heart ice cube tray.

Thank you, Tanya!!
I have genuinely enjoyed getting to know you and am excited to continue reading your posts!


  1. I am SO happy you enjoyed your cara box. :-) I had a lot of fun with putting it together even if it did result in a pinterest disaster which I still need to blog about. ;)
    My favorite are those bookmarks.I need to make some for myself.Thank you for the shout out on your blog.

  2. OMG I got my package and LOVED it! You did fantastic! I am putting my post together tonight (this week has been CRAZY!) so look for it tomorrow!

    You seriously hit it out of the park! I especially loved the pounds to go/pounds lost glasses. I had been eyeing that on Pinterest for so long now! Girl, everything related to my goals perfectly.

    Thank you so much!


I love your kind words :)