Saturday, January 12, 2013

UNsturdy Foundation

There are many words and phrases that are never fun to hear come out of someone’s mouth. Some that come to my mind include: 
We need to talk.” 
Have you put on a little weight?” and 
The walls of your house are threatening to cave in.

Does that third one seem a bit too specific?
 Allow me to explain.

This past week, my roommate, Amanda (there’s two of us under one roof...because one Amanda is simply not enough) noticed a crack in the wall of her bedroom that had not been there just days before. Since we don’t exactly have the most sophisticated home, she decided it would perhaps be in our best interest to contact our landlord about the matter. 
Recently, we also noticed light in our basement, after opening the door and looking down. 
The catch?
 We don’t actually have any windows down there...
so the fact that light was shining down there was a bit of a concern
Now I’m no architect or construction guru, but I do know when a house is uneven. 
In fact, if you walk from one end of my bedroom to the other, you may start to wonder if you are hiking up a hill as opposed to venturing across my room. 
In other words, you definitely don’t need a level to inform you that our house is pretty uneven

Alright, back to the crack in the wall. Amanda called our landlord and he sent over some people yesterday afternoon to check things out. 
I was actually at work while all of this was happening.
 I honestly had no clue about these events taking place. 
Before long, 6 people were in our house, inspecting our basement. 
Speaking of which, I’ve never actually been in that basement. 
Crazy, right?
 I’ve been living here since August but I haven’t worked up the courage to meander on down those creaky old steps. 
After we had some electrical issues in November and my roommates Alyssa and Amanda braved the basement to check things out, I think my desire to go down there hit negative levels. 
In fact, while they were in the basement, they came across our 5th housemate, Eugene.

This little guy has been living in our basement all along. 
I always knew there was a reason for the strange noises coming from underneath us. 
Anywho, of those 6 people at our house yesterday, 
2 were owners of the house and one was our landlord
You definitely know there is an issue when the landlord and owners arrive on the scene. 
Poor Alyssa had to sit here all by herself while all of this was taking place. 
To make a long story short, more workers came this morning and the first comments I heard were something along the lines of “Well, you can see from the outside that the foundation is not very sturdy” and “The walls of your house are threatening to cave in.” 
As you can imagine, we (my roomies and I) were a bit concerned. 
The words coming out of our mouths today ranged from 
I always knew our house was caving in.” 
We’re going to be homeless, living in a box, going from door to door looking for kind souls invite us in.” 

We’re not dramatic young women at all, are we?

Finally, after hours of pounding, banging and drilling in our basement, 
the workers came up and called it a day.
 I asked one of the men “Is our house going to collapse?” and he informed us that it probably won’t collapse but we need new walls put in this Spring. 

Twas an eventful day.
I guess I can add “New house walls” to my spring calendar.
Say a little prayer for my house, my roommates and me…
it may be a looooong semester.


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  1. Haha I'm sure your house would be fine, but if that was me I would be freaking the heck out!


I love your kind words :)