Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hey, it's ok...

Lately I have been bombarded with one item after another.
 Just picture me with papers, projects, deadlines, travel plans, exams, meeting, research, work obligations all flying at me, head-on. 
Instead of dodging these tasks in slow-motion, as if I were from some sort of superhero movie, 
there is a huge collision.
 I am certainly no superhero and these tasks have done anything but breeze right on by. 
No way.
Everything  have been coming at me 100 mph with no plans to veer from my direction.
 Remember that scene from Mean Girls where Regina George is hit by a bus? 
Regina George is to me, as bus is to tasks/my life.
 Does that even make sense?!? 
 In the middle of this crazy thing called life,
 I can’t help but tell myself, “Hey, it’s okay!”  
Glamour magazine has a section called “Hey, it’s ok…” and today I thought I would do my own rendition.

Hey, it’s ok…to cram for your Advance Human Nutrition test the night before until midnight and then wake-up to study more at 5am....
Who does that anyway?! (cough, cough)

Hey, it’s ok…to have a life that is controlled primarily by email, sticky notes, and diagrams.
Ever wonder what glycolysis looks like?
There you have it!

Hey, it’s ok…to wear sweatpants…for the last 3 days straight.

Hey, it’s ok…to make a to-do list for every aspect of your life…equaling over 4 pages worth of “to-do’s.”

Hey, it’s ok…to procrastinate homework by tackling a Pinterest project.
Much better than homewwork.
Am I right or am I right?!?

Hey, it’s ok…to feel excessively excited about receiving a package in the mail.


Hey, it’s ok…to write a love letter—check out the awesome blog I recently discovered. 

Hey, it’s ok…to reminisce about the best day of your life, simply to bring a smile to your face.

Hey, it’s ok…to take a break from studying and have fun with friends.

Hey, it’s ok…for your dog to be your best friend.
Hey, it’s ok…to feel like a celebrity when taking a trip via airplane.
Guess where I flew to today in the comments section!
Brownie points if you answer correctly! :-)

Hey, it’s ok…to jump for joy…sometimes for a good grade on a test, other times just because you are feeling a little hyper...or just plain weird.
Hey, it’s ok…to daydream in class about boys, your dream job and basically anything other than the Kreb’s Cycle. 

Hey, it’s even okay to keep a personal blog all about your life that people probably don’t care much about anyway.

Hey, it’s ok!


  1. Love it! Ahhh I'm so like you-to do lists control my entire life in every shape or form. Like nearly writing down times to pee I swear haha. And omg so jealous of the Coldplay comcert-love them! We chose one of my favorites for our wedding song :)

  2. Such a great post! Made me smile :)

    I get excessively excited about packages too and that Pinterest project is adorable! I can relate about having so many things to do. Sometimes we just need those moments to just relax and detach. I hope your weekend is good!

    xo, gina


I love your kind words :)