Saturday, February 9, 2013

Who You Know

When I entered college,
I always heard the phrase,
"It's not about what you know,
it's about who you know."
Like most 18-year olds,
I nonchalantly brushed off the advice, saying
"Yeah, Yeah, sure, sure."
(We 18-year olds have it all figured out, of course.)
my 18-year old self would be amazed at how true that statement stands to be.
Traveling to ALDE this weekend has so clearly confirmed the statement
regarding the importance of networking.
ALDE is an organization that deals with Christians in philanthropic positions.
So what is a dietetics student like me doing at a conference like this?
That is a very good question.
Believe me, 
I have been getting my fair share of practice answering this question.
At SDSU, I work as the Peer Minister of Development at
the University Lutheran Center
With this position,
I work with area congregations and alumni to help gain and continue support for the center.
Therefore, Pastor Bob has helped me connect with people
who actually work in the field of development through non-profit organizations.
This is where ALDE comes into play.
I attended a meeting with professionals from the region
at Joy Ranch this past Fall.
I was able to meet several people at this event
and learn more about the area of development. 
After much consideration,
I finally decided to express my interest in attending
 the national conference in Indianapolis. 
We volunteered at the Shepherd Community Center in Indianapolis, IN
by reading with them and working on Valentine's Day cards.

The volunteer group for our Servent Project
My experiences here have further proven that it is certainly 
not about what you know, but about who you know or are beginning to network with. 
Here is this girl who knows nothing about development
intermingled with people who have been in this area of expertise for years.
Despite my lack of knowledge,
you wouldn't believe the number of people who have presented me with their business cards
with opportunities to collaborate with them as I continue working, 
not only with campus ministry, but also my major of dietetics.
Yesterday morning,
a lady overheard me conversing about campus ministry over breakfast.
She shot over to my table as soon as she heard 'campus ministry'
and was delighted to share news of a grant opportunity for  my age level
to raise funds for malaria.
Had I not been at this conference,
I probably never would have even thought of collaborating with the ELCA to combat malria.  
I am looking forward to returning to SDSU to share this idea with the rest of the peer ministers.
Another perfect example of the importance of networking
occurred today after I met a gentelman from Lutheran Outdoors of South Dakota
(the organization that coordinates all of the LO Bible camps in SD). 
I've always wanted to be a camp counselor or at least work in a camp setting during college.
Last summer, I worked with research so camp was out of the question.
This coming summer, I am expected to complete 80-hours of practicum for the 
dietetics program requirements.
Therefore, I am presented with more conflicts in the way of working in the camp setting.
However, after speaking with the gentleman from LO,
he explained to me that there are internship opportunities within the camps and
there may even be ways to coordinate some of my practicum hours within a camp setting.
Who would have guessed?
If I hadn't met this person,
I never would have known about ways that I can still fulfill my desires to work in a camp environment, while meeting the expectations of my major.
Not only have I learned of opportunities,
but I have also discovered interesting information about some of the ALDE
participants outside of their philanthropic commitments.
For example, I learned more about both a winery and fresh ground coffee business
within close proximity of my campus.
Can you say tours for Dietetics Club? 

I began this development journey 
simply because of where I stand with my Christian faith.
It always amazes me how deeply we are able to connect with others,
no matter what our interests and careers
when we share the same values and beliefs.
To reframe the statement a bit differently,
Truly, it's not about what you know,
it's about Who you know,
 Knowing God presents a more fullfilling 
lifestyle in every facet.



  1. That is so awesome! God definitely has a way of placing the right people in our lives with the right connections! I found your blog from Shelbi @ Chasing Birdies and I'm so glad she shared your blog bc I love it!!!

    1. It is truly incredible seeing God's plan unfold.I'm so glad you stopped by, Brittany!

  2. yes this was a great post!! god works in mysterious way! But he usually does it for a good reason :-)


I love your kind words :)