Sunday, March 24, 2013

Career+Passion=Beautiful Thing

I am not sure what has gotten into me lately.
Maybe it's the fact that there are less than 2 months of school left,
that I have my last two semesters of college completely mapped out,
or that I have started researching internships,
but I have been so jazzed about my future as a Registered Dietitian.
Now that I think about it,
everything related to my career has been giving me both
butterflies and feelings of anticipation recently.

At South Dakota State University,
I help coordinate the Annual Health and Nutritional Sciences Conference.
This past Monday and Tuesday, our hard work paid off as we hosted speakers
in the nutrition field from across the country. 
Hearing these individuals report on their research and practice made me even more
eager to begin my dietetic internship.
As I finish off junior year of college,
the time has come where I need to start narrowing down my potential
internship locations.
The dietetics program is a unique area of study at the university.
After 4-years of undergraduate coursework,
you must apply for an approved internship in order to sit for your RD exam.
As my dietetics coordinator says,
"In dietetics, you can't just tootle up to someone and ask for an internship,
like in other majors."
{We have the most adorable/hilarious dietetic coordinator at SDSU}
Since the application process is quite intense, 
part of a class assignment was to look into internships we might be interested in.
Check out my top 6!
My  top choices will probably change about a million times before I actually
apply, but it is exciting to look at places I could possibly live within the next couple of years.

Another reason I have been excited about dietetics lately
has been my internship with Bel Brands and the Boys and Girls Club.
I, along with 2 other interns, are writing nutrition curriculum for youth.
As I was working on the details of a MyPlate lesson,
I came across these awesome plates.

Of course I had to buy a couple of  plates for myself--
even though they were intended for kids.
We "big kids" could use some nutritional reminders as well.

In the midst of feeling overwhelmed by school
and extra activities,
I was quickly reminded of why I am in this major
and what my future might hold.
Sometimes the stress in my life shields
my passion for becoming a dietitian.
This past week truly reinforced how fitting this major is for me.

I hope that you too have something in your life that you are
able to pour your energy into that is as rewarding as my field of study.


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  1. Those plates are awesome!! I should definetly invest in them. I love how passionate you are about your feild of interests.


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