Wednesday, April 3, 2013

What I Ate Wednesday


As a junior dietetics student,
it should come to no surprise that I am fascinated by what people eat.
I don't even mean in the sense of-- "Oh my gosh! I am appalled by what that person eats!"--
kind of way.
I just really like seeing what people eat each day,
and love how it inspires me to try new foods within my own daily food plan.
Don't even get me started on "What's in my fridge?" blogs and vlogs...
LOVE them.

Anyway, since I am clearly enthusiastic about food, 
it is rather surprising that i have never participated in the link-up for
"What I Ate Wednesday" link-up at Peas and Crayons.

Better late than never!

 My grandparents brought back pounds upon pounds of grapefruit
from Texas this year. (They are snow birds.)
Paired with my morning boost of caffeine,
my morning was off to a great start.

I was pretty excited for lunch today.
I am kind of obsessed with Flatout.
It is like a whole wheat tortilla on steroids.
(I mean that in the best way possible.)
They are thicker and more moist than tortillas,
which is why I prefer them.
Also, if you have never tried any of the Laughing Cow spreads 
in place of mayo and cheese,
run on over to your nearest grocery store PRONTO!
At only 35 calories for an entire wedge,
you won't go back to your regular sandwich spread ever again. 
Trust me.
 My snacks were spread throughout the day.
Don't laugh at me, but I love having a freezy after I work-out.
I am always really thirsty and it seems to help quench my thirst.
When I went to basketball camp, when I was younger,
they always distributed freezies during breaks.
So I have some fond memories attached to the treat.
I also had my standard yogurt and apple.
If you heard loud crunching at the library earlier,
that was just me and that apple.
Is it just me, or is eating about a zillion times louder at the library?
Every bite was like an atomic bomb going off!

Finally, for supper, my brother treated me to sushi at the new sushi place in town.
He was in town giving some pharmacy lectures at the university and invited me out to supper.
A sushi-addicted girl such as myself--how could I resist?
Don't ask me what's in it...I couldn't tell ya...
but man, was it ohhh so delicious!

What was on your plate today?



  1. mmmm! :) i love that audrey mug!!

    1. It is my favorite! I actually have 2 different Audrey mugs!

  2. Haha I was about to comment on the mug! So cute!! Wherever did you find it?
    I'm your latest follower on GFC! Found you on sweetness itself acutally :-).
    Feel free to stop by anytime. I'd love to hear from you!


    1. Thanks for the follow, lady! I wish I could tell you were I got the mug, but it was actually a gift from my aunt. I am about to check your blog now and I am so happy you stopped by mine! :)

      XO Amanda

  3. i love seeing what people eat too, it's just interesting since there are so many choices!!
    Helene in Between

    1. It inspires great food ideas within our own lives, doesn't it? :)

  4. I noticed the "Audrey" mug, too. Love her!
    I'm definitely checking out the bread & laughing cow spread.
    You make eating healthy look delicious! Come cook for me this summer!!!

    1. Jolie, I would love to cook for you this summer! When and where?! ;)


I love your kind words :)