Thursday, May 30, 2013

"State-of-the-Art" String Art

It has been awhile since my last post, because:
a.) My laptop has been acting up again (I just got the little guy in February, mind you).
Therefore I had to take said computer into the Geek Squad to get it fixed.
Have you ever dealt with the Geek Squad at Best Buy before?
Perhaps this was just the particular people I was working with,
but it was like they didn't know how to interact without being extremely awkward and rude.
I guess social skills aren't taught within the confines of computer classes, huh?
b.) I have been working at the campus library on the computers for my internship,
and let me tell you, the last place I want to wind up after work is right back at the library to
work on my blog.
So that is that.
However, I was feeling a little deprived of the blogging world,
so I decided to take part in this week's "Saw it. Pinned It. Did it."
with this string art I made as a gift a couple of weeks ago.
I first came across this pin,
after asking my good friend, Angie for a gift idea for
her graduation. Since she will be moving away to Missouri,
she pointed out a State string art that she had recently pinned.
(shown below)

After looking into the steps further,
I decided that, with some help, I could tackle this project.
I will be the first to admit that I have absolutely no skills when it comes to
woodwork and anything involving tools of any kind.
Let's just say, I certainly wasn't racing into my woodshop class in 8th grade.
That is where a cute boy always comes in handy.
So a couple weekends ago, I recruited Brian to do all of the hard work involved with this project.
That's what boyfriends are for, right?!

We did some rummaging through his dad's shop and found this cupboard door
that seemed to be in good enough shape for this project.

Since it was far too large for the final product,
Brian cut it to a smaller size.
The original pin suggests a 12" by 12" board.
However, since South Dakota is a rectangular state,
we opted to go with a rectangle board instead.

He also tilted the blade to bevel the edges.
See why a boy was needed?
Can you imagine how this ended if I would have even tried cutting myself.
I would probably be typing with one less finger right now.

Next came the sanding.

To further smooth out the board,
he also applied a filler to the surfaces.
If you already have a smooth board,
this step is not necessary.

I realized after editing these photos that I never actually took a photo
of this poor boy's face.
It kind of reminded me of the neighbor, Wilson, from Home Improvements.
Do you remember that show?
It made me giggle, because it's kind of ironic since we're talking about handy work here.

A hanging wire was also fastened with two screws on the back.
The board was painted a neutral, taupe color.

You may be wondering how this is my Pinterest project?
 I did finally give Brian a break when it was time for the craftier portions of the project.

Using a printed copy of the state of South Dakota,
I lightly traced the outline with dots.
You can also tape the state in place using painter's tape if you don't want to mess with pencil marks.

Make an outline of a heart as well.

Nail all of your nails in place and begin
wrapping the crochet thread around the nails...
about 10 million times.

When you are satisfied,
tie off the string and stand back and admire your work.

This was a fun, inexpensive project
and I am glad I was able to give this to my friend, Angie.

For more crafty ideas,
check-out the SPD link-up
either here or here.




  1. That is so awesome!! I love it. And a great gift too.

  2. You did such a great job! I love it! Might be adding this one to my DIY list!

  3. I love that it is SOUTH DAKOTA!! :)



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