Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Dear Big Brother,

Dear Big Brother, Erik...
Or Ick Ick, as I often called you when we were little.
Not necessarily because I thought you were "icky,"
but rather because I couldn't say my r's at the time.
Though, it may have been a toss up between the two.
Boys have cooties (duh),
which, in turn, means ick.
I was a smart cookie.
Actually, as I recall, mom and dad gave you all of the smarty pants genes.
Anyone who was taught at a young age to say
"I'm gifted"
must have had some brains on him.
{Ahem, Aunt Rhonda!
I believe you taught him this phrase...}

Since you were blessed with one perfect sibling,
we have accumulated quite the memories over the years.
One time, I remember we were laying up in your loft.
I had chipped a piece of the ceiling off and it had fallen near your mouth.
You proceeded to tell me that the paint in our house was made of lead and 
that paint chip I had dropped near your mouth would cause you to have lead poisoning and die...
I believed that fib far longer than I probably should have...

Another memory that comes to mind is when we were playing archery one time.
You had the coolest Nerf Bow and Arrow.
Seriously. I hope we have that in storage somewhere.
Anyway, as I recall, you always got to be the hunter.
I, on the other hand, would prance around and pretend to be a helpless deer.
The next thing I knew, I was shot, and you drug your winnings {aka me}
around on a blanket to bring back to your "pickup."

I was certainly the victim, 99% of the time.
Just look at my sweet, angel face.

 Okay, maybe that is not the best example.
How about this one?
New subject?!?

On several occasions,
I have been told we look alike.
Once, I dressed up as you for Gender Bender day during Homecoming.
Obviously, we are not related.

 I think if people looked close enough,
they'd understand that you really resemble Maggie
more than me.
Pictures prove it.

 Alright, since it is your 25th birthday, 
I suppose I should maybe mention that
I have truly enjoyed being your sister the past 21 years of my life.
Well, I can't vouch for those first couple years of my life,
but I can imagine I liked you at the time.
You didn't drop me on my head, that I know of,
so I guess you took pretty good care of me.

Though I don't generally admit this,
you were always a good role model growing up.
Your success in golf, speech, and academics
helped me realize the importance of working hard to succeed.
Sure, much of this just came naturally for you,
but clearly you have had to put in a bit of an effort to graduate
with your Doctorate in Pharm. D.
Don't expect me to call you, 
Dr. Erik anytime soon, though.

Happy Birthday, brother!!
I shall come bearing gifts this weekend.

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