Tuesday, June 4, 2013

From My Makeup Bag to Yours {Daily Makeup Routine}

My name is Amanda and
I have a slight makeup addiction.
{Readers respond with a "Hi Amanda."}

 Like most bloggers, 
I have a "thing" for makeup, beauty, and fashion.
With that being said, 
I am by no means a beauty expert.
In fact, if you could see me sitting here in
my sweaty workout gear from spin class,
you would be questioning my reasonings for writing a beauty post
in the first place.
However, since joining the blogging community, 
I have been sucked into experimenting with new products
and paying closer attention to how I present myself.
It's a positive change, really.
Last summer, I stumbled upon my favorite beauty vlogger,
Ingrid Nilsen, or her username MissGlamorazzi.
She is simply wonderful.
Ingrid is laid back and relatable, 
which is the last vibe I had expected a beauty guru to exude.
Not only does she have a fantastic personality,
but she also knows her products.
Now that I think about it,
I am 99% certain that a majority of the products that I use 
on a daily basis were purchased in the first place because
this adorable girl suggested them.

 Since becoming more interested in beauty products
and makeup-related blog posts,
I have contemplated writing a post on my own daily routine.
Finally, I decided today is the day.

After washing my face,
(I can write another post on my cleansing routine if there is interest)
I apply my Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation. 
 This is one of the many products I used after hearing 
about it from Ingrid. 
Then I conceal my under-eye circles and blemishes with my 
Cover Girl Fresh Complexion concealer.
I am cursed with very dark under-eye circles,
thanks to my mom's side of the family.
Concealer is a must!
Then I use my Mary Kay mineral powder foundation.
I have used this powder for years and I love it!
It lasts me several months and is worth every cent.
I usually wait until after I apply eye makeup to
tackle my cheeks.
(The cheeks on my face sicko!)
I use e.l.f. bronzer and blush.
If you know me well,
then you know that I am not one who likes
to splurge.
For $3, I don't have to feel guilty about purchasing either of these products.

Eyes are my favorite part of any makeup routine.
I love mixing colors from different palettes to 
create eyes that pop.
It makes me feel like an artist, in a sense.
I start off by applying the Mary Kay Cream Eye color all over my eye.
This creates a nice primer and base for my eyes with a little shimmer.
Then, I use my Maybelline Chai Latte quad.
I only use the top left color and apply it all over my lid and up to my brows,
where the Mary Kay was just applied.
Don't be alarmed about applying the color that high above the lid!!
This is a very subtle base.
You won't have 80's makeup, ladies.
Next, I use the Victoria's Secret Wet/Dry shadow only on my lid.
This is a very pigmented shadow, so you don't need a ton.
Then I used the bottom color of my Wet n' Wild palette. 
I blend with the Victoria's Secret color to create a natural,
but shimmery eye.
Next comes the eyeliner.
I use the Bonne Bell Eyeliners,
because they are cheap and have always delivered satisfactory results.
I line my top lid and a subtle line on my bottom lid and waterline.
Then, I curl my lashes.
I didn't include this in the picture, but I use a Revlon lash curler.
After, I apply my Maybelline Rocket Volum' mascara 
to both my top and bottom lashes.

Last, but certainly not least:
On a regular day at work or school,
I don't generally wear a lip color.
However, when I have a special occassion
or am going out, I like to jazz up my lips with these products.
First, I apply my Maybelline Baby Lips and follow-up with
some Nyx lip gloss.
I recently discovered Nyx lip products and have really been
enjoying this product in particular.
I may need to experiment with some of their other products in the future.

And that's a wrap!
I usually say that I am a fairly low maintenance girl,
but I don't think I realized how many products I actually
use on a daily basis.
The nice thing about all of the products I in my routine is that
they are all affordable.
If I could afford Mac and Chanel,
I still don't think I would purchase those items.
Really, who needs to spend that much on looking good?
The one item in my makeup bag that I forgot to mention is none other than:
You would be amazed how much a smile and strong posture
can make you both look and feel beautiful.

{Let me know in the comments if you would like me to write
more posts like this in the future!}

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